A Change in Outlook


KE in CA

Thank you for my reading back in March. I came to see you in Sacramento with my mother, for whom you also did a reading. Ever since I met with you, my outlook on life has been different. I can't really explain it entirely, but, I see things in a more spiritual way. You have helped me to deepen my sense of spirituality and better understand my relationship with God.

Some of the things that you had mentioned in my reading have already happened, and the rest I am looking forward to...I have come to truly understand the importance of living each day to it's fullest. I don't want to waste time worrying about something that will come in due time—such a future relationship—if it is meant to be. I have had to deal with several deaths in my family within the last few years, two of which happened last month within two weeks of each other. I finally see how short life really can be.

My thanks again for all of your help. Your words have been incorporated into my life, and I am truly thankful to have had the pleasure of meeting with you for a reading. I look forward to speaking with you again!