A Thing of Wonder


RL in Egypt

I just want to say thanks again for my last consultation (1997?) where you saw my lovely child who is indeed an "international" child—she is Italian (like her dad), American (like me), goes to the nursery in Egypt (where we now live) with toddlers from all over. And she is a wonderful child! I am thankful for her every day!

I have also listened to our session tape over the years and now understand more of some things that I didn't understand before. It's a thing of wonder. I also realize that people sometimes call me "Roberta"—a slip of the tongue, or is it?! You mentioned my name from a former French life as Robert—however, that is spelled in French. Now when people call me that, I always think of your story—especially because you recall that I was content and happy at the time!

All the best and by the way, thank you for writing about the WTC. We were here only 3 weeks at the time and felt so disconnected, nervous, and alone, and horrified like the rest of the world. Your accounts allow me to think of the souls and not of the bodies.