Louise's style


SM in CO

I've been studying all this probably for many lifetimes and am very much "awake" in this lifetime. I first saw Spirit (hundreds of Angels) when I was about 7 years old, so this is definitely my "path" and I've worked with and communicated with Spirit, not only from planet Earth, many times during this lifetime. I just happen to like Louise's "style" and "tone" and how she conveys her messages. I rarely go for readings anymore as I am so selective in choosing only those who really interest me, but again, I like Louise's style and definitely felt comfortable with her energy when I heard her voice.

[Later]...Please let Louise know Dad made his tranisition this morning. When she did my reading a few weeks ago on the phone she tuned into Dad but saw him on the Other Side as she spoke with him. She said he would not be hanging around long. He came to me in the dream state this a.m. just before I woke up and hugged me tightly and told me how very much he loved me but that he had to go on "home" now. I sat straight up in bed and there was an amazing warm glow all around me. It was a wonderful goodbye.