Event of the Decade

Apprentice Program

I.H. in UK

My dreams started getting more and more vivid shortly after my beloved cat died in 2005. And then one night I actually felt my brother-in-law who passed in 2003 lay his hand on my shoulder. He spoke clearly into my ear. I needed to seek help interpreting these 'real dreams' as I called them. By chance (or so I thought then) Louise's book Fearless Future leapt out of a catalogue and a meeting of souls was initiated.

After a first reading Louise invited me into her IAP program. She sensed that I was quite multi-dimensional. I didn't think myself intuitive enough for this, but figured that she might at least help me help me sort out the dreams and depart some wisdom for my life situation. I would tag along as best I could.

As early as the first three meetings whilst discussing my dreams, Louise coached me into reading her energy field. Very unsure, I nevertheless let out a few words with long pauses in between. She cried out cheerfully, 'Well, yes!' she said. 'I am looking at that image right now!' Several exercises later (and quite a bit of encouragement), Louise thought I was ready to read some other apprentices. She gave me some names, and then in the next week I sat quietly on my own, dictaphone in hand. I waited. Suddenly I was gone and the Universe opened. Strange scenes and symbols appeared and I heard my voice describing them. I e-mailed my 'hits' and waited apprehensively for confirmation – and did they ever tumble in! At first, I couldn't believe it.

It was the most beautiful thing to actually experience in this way, the truth that we are all connected. Well, I knew this from all my metaphysical reading, but even more liberating was the feeling of being able to detach from my little interfering self and just listen to what's out there. The experience was even more profound than when I once quieted my self in year long meditation practice.

If you're ever invited into the program, jump in, fasten your seat belt, let go and be surprised as you ride along on the energy that Louise shares. It's quite a ride.

Thank you for my "event of the decade!"