Working With You

Apprentice Program

A.P. in NY

I don't know if some of your other apprentices report this but I actually continue to work with you even between our sessions because of the impact and subtle power of what we are accomplishing together. There were aspects of myself that were puzzling that are now much more clear. The way that I experienced this was almost as if I am now able to shift into and out of various states of viewing scenes in my life from new perspectives that you've helped me to reach in our sessions.

Sometimes it is astonishing how well you can communicate with that part of me that has been 'shut up' or shut in so long ago. This awareness doesn't make me more perceptive, but it allows possibilities to unfold. I am so grateful to you for this because it's been quite a battle for me to remain balanced and strong in the face of so much negativity. You have to be one of the wisest people person's on the planet!

One more thing, Louise. I also appreciate your respect for every human being that gives me back a more level headed, less ego-inflated view of myself, an ongoing challenge for me. It has been big leap forward for me to bring my heart into better alignment with my intentions. You have definitely helped me become clearer on this. Unlike anyone else with whom I have ever worked, your interactions, comments, reframing, and view from the higher self has given me more tools in which to understand, appreciate and love.

I certainly appreciate working with you.