Mind-Expanding Experience (8.04 "Pre-Pro" Intensive)

Apprentice Program

T.W. in VA

The IAP Intensive training was the best practical training I have received in this work. We were given tasks and exercises that not only focused our abilities, no matter in what format those abilities presented themselves, but also created an incredible sense of unity within the group that allowed us to quickly form a working cohort of talent. We were able to work with each other to strengthen what existed when we arrived and then transcend our expectations for what we could accomplish. Thank you, Louise, for a truly amazing and mind-expanding experience!

I also want to thank you for putting this all together and being so committed to your Service Work Louise!! You're unique "way" and style is enlightening, yet humble; compassionate, yet honest; inspiring, yet grounded. And its so very relieving to see that this style is recognized, appreciated, and taught to others so that it may go forth into the world and proliferate!!