Led By Synchronicities (8.04 "Pre-Pro" Intensive)

Apprentice Program

M.B. in CT

Thanks, in part, to your influence in my life I often find myself involved with dynamic and extraordinary people. The intensive was certainly no exception. It feels almost as if I am constantly rubbing elbows with the cream of the crop, so the high quality of the participants was no surprise.

I originally had no intention of participating in the Intensive since I had no desire to become an apprentice. But there were many synchronicities that led me to participate and my experiences at this seminar actually have me reevaluating this position. There may be some way yet of integrating this into my life.

Regardless of my professional intentions this experience served to heighten my spiritual awareness, raise my antenna higher, further access my higher consciousness, and connect with some people who share my spirituality. That last one alone—just being able to interface on the same spiritual wavelength, the way churchgoers would—was a profound experience.