A Memory to Cherish (8.04 "Pre-Pro" Intensive)

J.C. in NY

I would like to thank you for being the "enlightened" catalyst which guided and supported the development of our group. Through your heart felt commitment, you invited a group of multi-sensory strangers into your home and life. You generously shared your insight and wisdom with us, then patiently guided us towards the creation of a common vision - Namaste!

What I found most meaningful about this first "Pre-Pro Intensive" was observing a group of like minded strangers develop into a sensitive and respectful team of light workers. Through sharing our personal stories of life changing events we instinctively nurtured and encouraged each member of the group to share her or his unique gifts and talents.....and the universe was pleased as s/he gifted us all with double rainbows at dinner on our final night together. A memory I will always cherish!