Unexpected Message

Readings in the Round

A.R. in Los Angeles, CA

I was at the Bodhi Tree on Saturday last, sitting in the front row.

When you signed my book, I reminded you that we had met just before 9/11 here in Los Angeles when you had a "Reading in the Round" near LAX. At that time, even as I was walking through the door, I was asking myself what the heck was I doing going there, spending money I didn't have! But you know, it was the best few dollars I ever spent! I had lost no family or friends, didn't know any dead people (or so I thought), and yet you gave me such a good message, totally unexpected, that really has sustained me since then, especially in these seemingly crazy times.

I'm really enjoying your book. I think you are awfully good at what you do. It is good work and I can see how it is helpful to people. You're right - probably every one in that room was hoping you'd pick them! ... but the young woman you selected was so happy with what you told her.