Both Oars in the Water

Recently, while on a short getaway, I was letting myself into a residence in the Bay Area while my friend parked the car. I was punching in the assigned code at the street-level door when, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a disheveled male on the sidewalk, about ten paces away. He seemed confused and agitated. He stopped, turned to stare at me, and started to approach.

I turned around to face him, planted my feet, and looked directly at him. I felt no fear, no judgment, nor the instinct to run or call for help. In my mind, I called in the angels. He continued staring, paused, then moved on down the sidewalk.

“What did you do?” my friend asked, hurrying over to me. “I watched the whole thing happen from across the street! That guy was coming toward you, stopped, then suddenly turned around and walked in the other direction!”

"Nothing, I just held my space and called in the angels. Thanks, angels!"

Reflecting on those moments, I was feeling solid, tethered, anchored. I was holding my space in what might have been a precarious moment. Lately, I’ve been feeling loved, watched over,  and very blessed. The recent loss of a dear friend had also put me in a space of deep gratitude for life itself.


A week later, just after leaving a department store, I was approaching my car when I heard a man screaming obscenities at someone – screeching horrific threats

The guy was standing maybe twenty feet away directing his vulgarities at an older Asian woman seated at a bus stop. I looked right at the man, telepathizing the thoughts for him to go away and leave her alone. He looked over at me and stopped ranting. He held my gaze. I called in the angels to surround him. He looked over at me for a few seconds and moved further up the street.

pulled my car up to the woman, rolled down the window and asked if she was okay. I offered to drive her to another bus stop further away, but she shook her head, thanked me, and said she was fine.

I was feeling fully grounded in those moments, both oars in the water — empowered, heart open…no fear.

Never hesitate to ground yourself, surround yourself with Light, and call in the angels! They’re always there and eager to assist.


I love the way events, cosmic winks, and pertinent information arrive, wonderfully synchronized with whatever's happening in my life.

My friend forwarded this beautiful quote from one of his teachers ~ SO timely and SO relevant ~ shortly after I experienced those two events:

"To look into the face of the other is to see an infinity shine through that face and to be called to take care of the other. “ 

~ Judith Sara Schmidt, American Poet, and Psychologist ~