Instructions and Etiquette for Registered Attendees

Welcome to the Intuition Advancement Series! Now that you're a fully registered attendee, you'll receive an email with the link to the upcoming session a day or two before each class. Included will be a reminder — to email us back confirmation that you will be in attendance. Here are a few reminders to review before each class: Group Etiquette

  1. A few minutes before the start time, and before you enter the room:
    • Make sure that you've connected your Internet cable directly to your computer, if possible, to avoid audio/video delay.
    • Also remember to have your external earphones plugged in to avoid an annoying echo effect
  2. Please arrive on time. We know that unexpected delays can arise (caught in traffic, unanticipated distractions, etc) — however, if you do join the group within the 10 MINUTE GRACE PERIOD, we ask that you enter as unobtrusively as possible, as if entering (and finding your seat) in a theater for a performance that's already begun.    
  3. Having already confirmed that you will be in attendance, one of Louise's assistants will be watching for your arrival. Once in the meeting room, please check the chat box (lower right-hand corner) and scroll up to the start (if the group is in "chat mode" at the time) to review these quick reminders:
    • When Louise requests a show of hands (figure-raising-hand), or when you have feedback to share during a group exercise — please try to remember to pull your hand back down when you've been called on.
    • Please mute your mic (little mic icon) when we're watching a video, or when you're typing in your intuitive "hits" into the chat box (For ex: during the Remote Viewing exercise) — so that the sound of your typing doesn't distract the others.
    • In exercises that require your typed responses in the chat box, complete your typing (ie, downloading your "hits") — and then press "return" to send your info all at once. This way, Louise will be able to copy and paste everyone's responses into an email (or post) after class, showing a clear division of who-sent-what.

      For example, in the "Future Fridays" exercise — it's fun to have a record of the future 'hits' that the group saw for you. Later on, over the course of experiencing that subsequent Friday — when you've taken note of those very moments actually occurring! — you'll want to post your confirmations in the group's private hang out on the Illuminations Website! Yeaaa....
    • It's pretty exciting to receive intuitive information from others, especially when it truly resonates. You're likely to feel quite eager and enthused to confirm this in detail, and your partner (or the group) loves getting that confirmation. Receiving validation strengthens everyone's intuitive muscle!

      However, please try to deliver this confirmation in a clear and succinct manner. Most of us could go on and on about how the information "fits!" (For ex — "...and not only did you pick up on my white-curly-haired dog, but you had no way of knowing -- that today happens to be his birthday...and he was my Mom's favorite...and...and...") — get the idea?
    • Information that you receive from others might not resonate for you at the time. Please respond in an encouraging, positive way to your partner's efforts. (We're all in this together — and it's neither a contest nor a competition!) An encouraging response to such information might go something like — "Well, I can't place this right at this moment, but I'll certainly keep it mind as time unfolds..." (or — "I'll take the time to ponder this a little later!")