Streaming Consciousness

I'm very excited about discoveries arising in my work clients and apprentices, clear evidence that points to the existence of a certain energetic thought stream, one that surrounds — and connects — all living things! I refer to this etheric wonder as Streaming Consciousness. It's functionality continues to amaze me.

When I connect with Streaming Consciousness, it's a bit like hopping onto the Internet, the computerized global information gathering-and-sharing technology familiar to most of us these days. However, the added wonder of Streaming Consciousness is that its flow gives us full access to information that transcends linear time and (the illusion of) 'death!'

When I merge with a client's consciousness by connecting with this flow, I'm able to ride that stream and travel backwards in time. This becomes a useful tool in consultations, for example, when I'm pulled to go to the past. I go there for the purpose of initiating a strategic shift for my clients — a moment they're still living in their childhood and are often continuing to play out their present. In the way that all-of-time exists simultaneously outside of this time-space, linearly-perceived dimension — when I arrive at that pertinent moment in the past, I'm actually able to see through my client's eyes, 'back there.'

You could say that this process is a way of sort of 're-booting' the network of the past. Old patterns and habitual programming carried forward into the present are often the culprits responsible for creating the stumbling blocks in a client’s present. While there, we identify together the moment where things took on their current trajectory, or where a block of some sort was formed. There, in that moment, we experience what's going on and create a new response to it, a more beneficial and empowering choice. In this way we've created a new path leading to a better future. Present reality begins to shift when old beliefs and self-perceptions change.

I’m able to also ride Streaming Consciousness to the future. I go there to access a sort of sneak-preview of potentially positive future moments for my clients. (This process also serves as a bit of a lure, encouraging them to attend to — and grow from — the challenges they're facing in the present. I'm always reminding them that it's by making conscious choices in all of our present moments that we create a best path to our very brightest futures!)

You'll read about the added functionality available to all of us by connecting to Streaming Consciousness, particularly in ways that involve telepathy and its use in communicating with the Higher Selves of Others — and of All Living Things!