Interpreting Intuited Information


I can't emphasize enough, the importance of comprehensive interpretation of intuited information. Unavoidably, we all have our own personal filters. One who has a more positive outlook on life, will naturally come up with more positive interpretations. One who engages in a more (OMG!) dramatic style is more likely to season their interpretations with that flavoring.

The best interpretive work flows very much like dream analysis. Meanings of symbols, images and metaphors are not concrete or literal. When I come to the interpretation phase in consultations, I purposely interpret information that I've intuited, every which way. This keeps clients open to a myriad of interpretations as things evolve and unfold over time. It also keeps them from obsessing about the information when they've heard, "It could be could be that..." On that note, I'm forever reminding clients that "worrying and obsessing about the future takes you out of the present. Then the Universe can't find you to deliver the goods!"

Here's an example of data interpretation: Let's say that once I've merged with your timeless consciousness, I find myself watching (or feeling myself riding in) a car going down the road. I'll be looking closely to see if there's anything distinctive about the car, if anyone else is present, if there are road signs or attractions along the way, and I'll be paying attention to where the car might be going. Details are very important, even if they don't seem so at the time.

First, I'll interpret this data literally: perhaps to confirm that a new car is actually on the horizon; then symbolically: the car might represent a new vehicle arriving to take the client to a better performance level or towards greater fulfillment, perhaps enrolling in a class or coming upon a new technical solution, and finally, metaphorically: ..."feels like you're gong to be taking a nice ride to..." [In consultations, I'm actually able to move the car further on down the road ('fast forward') for more of a glimpse of the future.]

I might summarize all of these interpretations by saying that the client is most likely approaching a new level of creativity, performance, innovation, etc, and those road signs are just about to appear on the horizon.

Using a variety of interpretations keeps my clients open and receptive to different (and surprising) ways that information is likely to unfold. And don't things always come about — differently from your expectations?

'Buzz Words'

That's what I call the words or phrases you might pull through for another, those that will have literal or exact meaning for your partner! Once you receive confirmation as to the actual meaning of what you've ‘download’ — you won’t be the first participant (or apprentice) to shake your head and exclaim, “WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? HOW DID I KNOW THAT???”

I’ll be giving you some fun (and sometimes hilarious) examples...