Being a Receiver

It's possible for anyone to access highly intuitive information that exists beyond this time-space reality. The greatest impediment to doing so in our culture is the importance given to information derived predominantly through intellectual, logical thinking. People are typically skeptical about embracing tools that give access to the more intuitive, extra-sensory information.

As children, we're discouraged from exploring intuition, and from learning to trust very natural occurrences such as telepathy, sensing beyond time, merging with another's thoughts, connecting with souls in the 'non-physical,' having out-of-body experiences, and engaging in the dream world. Some religions teach immobilizing fear about such abilities, and consensus reality has most people believing that it's pretty 'woo-woo' stuff.

When these natural gifts are properly accessed — and utilized on a higher frequency of intent and illumination — they represent the kind of expansion that consciousness is destined to become in this lifetime. Through a process of practice and validation, anyone can learn to expand and utilize these natural abilities in ways that empower and improve lives.

One challenge that comes up again and again for clients and apprentices seeking to become more intuitive, is how to deal with interference from the censoring mind. Over the years, Louise has watched clients wrestle with the censoring mind that interrupts the flow of profound intuitive information.

Overriding the doubting mind takes practice. Over time, as the mind quiets, one is able to align oneself with Streaming Consciousness — the flow of infinite, intuitive information available to everyone. Louise's success in intuitively identifying where the doubting mind is in play with her clients and repositioning them to be more in sync with their own intuition has long been one of the most satisfying aspects of her work.