What Lies Ahead...

At the beginning of every session, the group will preview concepts and context for the session’s exercise. Relevant supporting materials — articles or videos — may be presented, and short assignments will often be issued in preparation for each class.

Participants will sometimes be paired off into 'breakout' rooms to run through each session's exercise, where audio/video functionality continues. These smaller groups may be monitored by a facilitator. For some exercises, each participant will type his/her intuited impressions into chat boxes, convenient for the subsequent feedback and interpretation stage. Finally, upon returning to the main room, the group will compare notes and share insights.

The group is a supportive environment that will help you become more comfortable and trusting of the information you receive. Sharing valuable feedback helps you define and refine your own unique intuiting style. The group format gives you an additional advantage of observing others in their own process of intuiting. Results and impressions will later be shared when participants return to the main meeting room.

There's no contest involved in sharing each other's intuitive 'hits.' No one is to be judged as more-or-less 'psychic' than another, and participants will soon discover that all intuited information is relevant, and only of value — and understood! — by the person they're reading. Additionally, when enrolling in the Series, one should not have expectations that it's an opportunity to get oodles of free 'mini readings.'

The purpose of the IAS is to increase the accessibility and flow of streaming consciousness for each participant, thereby fortifying greater trust in each one's ability to transmit and receive highly intuitive information.