"Are we meant to be together?"


While doing consultations at my home in Jerusalem, you told my mother that you saw a guide—a Rebbe—that "follows and guides" me. Are there any details you can share with me about that spirit? is it a soul of a guy? girl? alive? name? I'll be happy to hear from you any info or details, And so is my girlfriend - pressuring me to ask if she and I have a deep soul connection...

AT in Jerusalem


When I mentioned that "all will be revealed in right timing"—it means just that: as one's path unfolds, all the road signs and "cosmic winks" will be shown to you as you move along. I  always begin consultations with the invocation, "that I be given only that which is for this person's highest good to receive..."

When I'm not shown too far down clients' paths, it's for growth to occur as they move along through challenges and adventures, step-by-step. When people obsess about the future, it takes them out of the present - where the magic occurs! The very best possible future comes to you through the present. This is where all is revealed!

Yes, I felt that there is a Rebbe around you is in the "non-physical" dimension. I've seen a counsel of Native American elders helping to guide a client deeper onto her spiritual path while in drug rehab; a Chinese herbalist guiding another in med school, etc. I don't focus much on guides, feeling that they may actually represent a personification—a projection—of an aspect of our own, greater, eternal energy. Analogous to the internet, I call it "streaming consciousness" that connects us (in or out of the body!) on a higher vibration, where we all are one.

You and your girlfriend can trust that you're on track when things continue to fall into place. You're "in alignment" with Hashem when the doors keep opening, and when a closed door clearly points you in a new direction. BTW, this is when life becomes such a hoot—even beyond getting the perfect parking place, the phone call,  etc—when you're out of fear and focused on the blessings in each day, each moment.

You'll also know that your "ego-self" (I call mine "Edith Ego") has grabbed the wheel when things feel forced and frustrating, not going the way you want. When you hit those roadblocks, surrender to Hashem and ask, "Show me what I need to know!" (I always add..."gently!") Then release all your thoughts and frustrations, and come back into the present. Find something—anything—for which to feel gratitude. Then you'll be back in sync, front and center, ready to receive the cosmic winks. Hashem can't find you to deliver the goods when you're not hanging out in the present.

As a couple, when being together expands you both, when you're shining a light on each other without jealousy or possessiveness, when each partner supports the other in being the best that they can be --- then you're obviously "meant" to be together.

Hope this helps!
much love