Don't want to do anything stupid...


I have a weird question. I hope its not rude of me to ask, but u r the only one I thought might have an answer!

I met someone new (through some friends), and my friends seem to think their is a connection. I agree that he might be good for me but I really don't know and I don't want to do anything stupid and ruin my chances, so I want to know if you can maybe tell if their is any connection between our souls, or maybe there is something he can tell you that I should do!


I think that you simply have to play this out. We learn so much from every choice we make, and those that involve relationships seem to teach us the most!—if only to provide the contrast that lets us fine-tune our preferences

I think that the most important thing, is to value yourself (and you'll attract those who treat you well), be discerning (we also learn oodles from our dumb choices, but wiser ones create shortcuts) and always go slowly (what's the hurry?—enjoy the journey!)

You have so much ahead of you, especially at your young age, and you're an attractive, bright, very special gal. Be the Light that you are in the world, and leave it to Hashem to guide you towards your greatest good!