Connecting Through the Dream World


Louise, recently I decided that I wanted to help an eleven-year-old boy whom I read about in the paper. He had been mauled by three pit bull dogs and as a result, his life has been turned upside down. I wrote to him and his aunt, with whom he is now living. This has been too much for the boy's mother to handle. He doesn't go to school and mostly cries in the bathroom.

The boy is now without ears and is unable to smile due to missing jaw muscles. He is also left with additional facial deformities, as well as those involving his hands and arms from destroyed tendon's and ligaments.

I decided to try to find money for him from organizations and to locate other victims of dog mauling (way too many these days!) in an attempt to create some sort of support group. My attempt to reach the mother and boy proved fruitless, but I had a dream!

In the dream, the boy's aunt called me on the phone and was thanking me but insisted that they didn't need my help. Then I was allowed to talk to the boy, Shawn. He said he was doing well. I believe they have contacted me.

What do you think?

-Lorraine in Sacramento-


What a wonderful demonstration of our multi-sensory nature, and of infinite consciousness that operates on such vast, multi-levels—consciously and unconsciously! Additionally, this shows the amazing attribute of that higher level of our awareness that truly does connect us all. More than once, clients have told me that I came to them in a dream with a message for them. I've had no conscious awareness of having thoughts about—much less connecting with—the person around the time that they report our "communication" took place.

Recently, an apprentice dreamed that a young man came to her in a dream, telling her to go look at something. The message made no sense to her. The next morning she received my email, alerting her to the picture of her child and me that I had recently posted on the website photo album. She described the bearded male who had come to her. Indeed, it was Dylan, my son—"webmaster" of the Illuminations webiste—himself, telling her that she needed to go "check it out!"