Is Spirit Here or There?


I have been wondering about spirit. Can spirit only communicate, such as you do when you are able to see a relative come into a session, while in the spirit world? What if that spirit reincarnates and is again in human form? Are we still able to communicate with that spirit? Am I to assume that when you are able to communicate with a spirit relative, that that spirit is still in the spirit world?

-Bobbie in FL-


Bobbie's question is a good one, and one that comes up often in consultations. I feel that in the times ahead, we're going to have a completely new sense about ourselves and our true nature, in terms of energy. Although we place the most emphasis on our physical existence and placement in this dimension, our spirit is truly a non-local, non-physical expression of our essence.

Believe it or not, it is sometimes difficult for me to tell the difference between one's soul's physical appearance projected from "the Other Side"—as a loved one/client would remember it—from the projection of a soul that is still embodied in the physical.

For instance, several months ago, I was doing a phone consultation for a fellow I met on a cruise where I was presenting. I met him and his girlfriend, a Yoga teacher on board. When he called for his appointment, it was quite early, PST time. His girlfriend was still asleep in the next room.

I said my invocation, went deep, and started to observe all the information. Suddenly and clearly, my client's girlfriend appeared to me as if coming in from the Other Side (I prefer "non-physical dimension"). She was smiling and waving to me almost in my face. The color violet appeared all around her.

My client laughed, and said that his partner had just received a beautiful, violet shawl from her sister. I (telepathically) waved back, then reminded her that I needed to proceed with her partner's reading.

I was viewing the girlfriend's light body, appearing very much the same as if she were projecting herself from the non-physical dimension. I was observing the non-physical projection of her physical self, dropping in to say hello. That's why I sometimes have to interpret this type of scene both ways.

So you can see how the effect would be the same with the physical projection of a soul—as if "still" (in terms of linear time) on the Other Side—when an aspect of that soul has already re-entered to play out another life experience in another physical form. Often times, I will work with both interpretations.

For example: Once I described a client's grandfather who has passed over, who was projecting himself in great detail—mannerisms, memories, scenes, names. Then, when it became clear that that soul had "already" returned, I turned my attention to that child—now in the physical dimension, the embodiment of that same soul. I proceeded to communicate with that child, asking what he/she hopes to accomplish in that body, that he/she did not get to explore, as the grandfather.

So you see, we still have a ways to go, to interpret the projections from one's energy field—in or out of the body—relative to the true nature of our physical and non-physical existence.

We're still plugging along to demonstrate that death is an illusion. Mainstream folks really scratch their heads when I attempt to describe them and their loved ones as existing beyond time and space, existing "here" and "there"—quite often, simultaneously.