Depressed and Misled by a Psychic


I work with a woman whose son, 16 years old, has developed liver failure. She is, of course, distraught. We talked today and I told her about you after she told me about a "psychic" she went to and spent $100 to be told that she didn't see her son in the future and at a 2nd session with the psychic, she was told the psychic had met with some friends to do a meditation together and that the 16 year old, in the 15th century, had killed a man and they discovered that a man was attached to his liver and was trying to kill him but that the psychic had sent this man to the Light. Anyway, my coworker was understandably devastated and depressed.

-Lois in CA-


I do not receive—nor deliver—information of the nature that your friend/co-worker received about her son. I might see that there are certain challenges set in motion for one's soul's growth, but never do I see that one is destined to die young for karmic "payback." One's life's trials, such as all the your friend and her son now face, are meant to challenge the soul in ways that will force its expansion and evolution. These challenges are configured into one's path (along with oodles of free-will) to encourage that growth. "From the challenges, come the gifts," if we do not spiral downward into "victimhood" or become convinced (and disempowered by the belief) that we have nothing to say—or choose—about our destiny.

Karmic vignettes go with us through timeless spaces, causing a dis-equilibrium in the soul. These issues continue on with our essence into subsequent incarnations. Life is continually seeking balance—and achieves it—one way or another. Karma hits us over the head in order to balance these old issues when we continue to evolve (devolve?...dissolve?) in an unconscious manner,"tit-for-tat."

As I mention on the Introductory recording, we have the wonderful opportunity to "jump off the karmic conveyor belt" and allow our challenges to prompt us to awaken, then ask some very important questions, such as, "What's going on here!" "Why am I here?" "What do these feelings and these fears remind me of?" "When have I felt this before?" Then, if we quiet ourselves (meditate!), surrender to a Higher Power, and drop our expectations, we receive incredible, synchronistic communication from the Universe. Life starts to really make sense. We become increasingly adept at understanding life and making conscious choices relative to a much bigger picture! We start to intuitively view a much wider landscape. We observe old, repeating patterns that transform before our eyes, simply through our observation.

While this challenge is incredibly overwhelming, I see it as an opportunity for your friend's son to perceive life from a whole new perspective, one that can become extremely empowering. He'll have to take responsibility for his life in a whole new way and open himself up to those questions—and to a Higher Power, greater than his mind-self. From this physical challenge, he has the potential to receive tremendous gifts. If his soul can do more good for the growth of others—as well as his own—through his passing, he (and the others, left behind) can evolve in tremendous ways, as a result of the loss. The greatest gift: the realization that death is indeed, an illusion. If, on the other hand, he can gain so much more by sticking around as a testament to/an example of one's awakening—becoming conscious—then enlightenment and inspiration will be the gift, as well as increased compassion for those who wrestle desperately with their pain and challenges.