Desperate to Change the Past


I am an Italian girl...and I apologize if my English will not be perfect...I would ask if it is possible through astral travel you can go into the past and into my body the past, and stay there, in that timeline for change my past and avoid certain things that I have serious sucesse [issues with?] on the physical plane, I'm desperate...I ask just to return to my body past...


I ofter hear from those who express overwhelming regrets about their past, wishing they could go back and erase certain devastating moments or events. Some are hoping for some sort of time machine that will take them back to a very different past. The time machine exists in our own, timeless consciousness. The past only exists in the way we hold our perceptions of it in our consciousness.

I don't mean to minimize the grief or regret you feel about your past, but you must trust that the 'you' existing today equals the sum total of all your experiences — the good, as well as the painful and negative. Your future — and your soul's evolution — depend upon how you choose to move forward. You can let the past continue to pull you back by holding onto regret, or you can embrace the cards you've been dealt, trusting that life is challenging you to rise up in a whole new and empowered way this time around, to inevitably discover new truths that will become wisdom in your soul. (You never know what the soul is requiring for its growth!)

When I work with clients, yes, I can take them with me, back to specific past moments when I merge with their timeless consciousness, and then see through their eyes at a certain time or age. The importance in revisiting the past in this way, is to assist clients in developing a new relationship to that past event — to experience it in a new, detached way, in 'observer mode.' This allows the situation — and one's relationship to it – to breathe, transform and heal. Clients often report that soon after they revisit the past in this way, they experience a significant change in their present, a shift that points them in the direction of a happier and more resolved future.


Hang in there. There's truly a purpose to all the pain and misadventures we experience on the earth plane. When we move through our challenges, exploring and holding them in new ways, gaining new insights and wisdom, there will be new and amazing gifts to receive. And inevitably...the Universe will send others our way with whom we're to share those gifts.

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