"What are your thoughts on 'sideways in time' and 'parallel timelines?'"


Louise, I have been interested in the concepts of simultaneous time, the psyche and multidimensional reality since the 70's. I do feel that the next big leap in mankind's awareness will be the understanding of the same. Beliefs, thoughts and emotions do greatly influence the realities we experience.

Anyway, I do have a couple of questions: What are your thoughts on sideways in time and parallel timelines? — RJ


Wonderful provocative questions, RJ! There's so much info nowadays that's effectively stretching our linear minds and opening us to non-linear, multidimensional realities! My favorite sources include the popular TV show Through the Wormhole, hosted by Morgan Freeman, and presentations by theoretical physicists Michio Kaku ("...and here's a dirty little secret!"...) and Brian Greene, both of whom I consider to be incredible pros at simplifying mind-bending concepts through delightful analogies. Blockbuster movies also entertain us with themes that take us beyond linear time. I recall one or two in the past couple of years in which the main characters were able to change their present realities — from the future!

I'm no scientist, but I'm thoroughly engaged in exploring practical applications of some of these far-out ideas and incorporating them into consultations. I look for ways to challenge my clients' perceptions of life and 'death,' how we perceive this reality, and most of all — to expand and improve their lives. For example, utilizing our ability to 'time travel' through the vast and eternal Stream (of consciousness), I routinely 'merge' with a client's energy, do what I do to bring them into the flow with me, and together we'll travel beyond time, quite often — to the past.

There we find the Child-Self, alive and (sometimes not so) well, where we focus on shifting things a bit. We're essentially changing the past. Then, back through the Stream, I'll travel to the future to experience (and report back) about what's new-and-different in a potential probable, positive moment, one newly existing as a result of the shift we've initiated in the past. [RJ — might you refer to this as going 'sideways in time?']

I'm also wild about explorations with my apprentices, especially when we 'dive deep' and experience fascinating aspects of multidimensionality, and then have great fun experimenting with ways to make our discoveries useful. I just had one of those adventures with an apprentice last week:

We're currently approaching the end of 2013, soon to enter into the New Year. I routinely take apprentices on time-traveling adventures, and one particular exercise is called Future Fridays. However, this time I thought I might try something different. I decided to take my apprentice to the future, to a moment existing (beyond time) — one year from now, around the end of December, 2014!

After merging and getting into the flow together, I found that we'd arrived in her kitchen. I sensed her attention focused on a particular window, something positive, feeling somehow..opened up.... When I reported this, her response told me that she had, indeed, come along with me into that future moment: "Oh, yes," she replied, "my husband recently paid a hefty sum to replace the old kitchen window with a new one! We now have a marvelous view of a forest of beautiful black walnut trees!" She most certainly was there with me in the future, accessing it through her emotions — not through her analytical mind!!

"Your Future-Self seems to be pointing to her head...something about 'clearer thinking'..." I said, continuing with my reporting.

"Why," she said, "I recently went to my doctor, hoping to get some answers as to why my memory seems to be getting so much worse. She ordered some tests, gave me a list of vitamin supplements and nutritional advice, and prescribed some brain exercises."

"Apparently they will have worked well for you — by the end of December, 2014!" [What do you think, RJ — did we perhaps create a 'parallel timeline?']

I encouraged her to revisit that future moment, to feed it with positive emotion, the joy and well-being she hopes to be experiencing — is already experiencing — in the future. When I heard her start to make a (left-brained) list of other items she might want to insert into that future moment, I reminded her that it won't work by going into her head. One must feel the excitement and appreciation, the emotion of future desires, as though — mission accomplished! Let leave it up to the Universe to figure out the logistics and line up all the serendipitous synchronicities that will flow into this time oriented reality...all in right timing!

BTW, in my newest book, Streaming Consciousness: A Current of Unity (Chapter Three: Functionality) you'll read about another fun adventure that occurred when 'Roberta' and I time-traveled to her Future Friday!

Thanks again for your query, RJ! It gave me the opportunity to update on the latest exciting developments!