Do You See the Angels?


Hi, Louise. I want to tell you about an experience that (husband) Greg and I had this afternoon. I've mentioned to you, that I was caring for a stone from the World Trade tragedy, and about the episode involving the fire engines.

Well, today, Greg and I went into the woods to bury the stone. I intended to many months ago, but winter came early. I found a tree that actually was two trees growing up into the sky from the same base, and buried the stone at the base of it, while Greg & I prayed. Then Greg ask, "Do you see the angels?" I looked up from the ground and stood up, and they were encircling us with such Light! They were tall, and there seemed to be one with more Light and presence than the others. It was more a sense sight than an actual vision. I questioned myself about the power of suggestion, but the Light—its incredible refinement—persuaded me away from my doubts. Greg said he had just felt them; he didn't see them as I did. As we walked away from the spot, a white butterfly flew across our path. In Native traditions, this is a sign of Transformation. So the stone is resting in the Earth's care now, but with so much love at such a large level. I thought to email you about this because you have experienced so much around the 9/11 event. It was all the more confirmation to me about the larger Loving field at work.

Love to you,


-Diane in CH-


What a beautiful experience, Diane, and how wonderful that you and Greg were able to sense it together, both in your own different and unique ways. May I use this as an example of how we, as a species, are indeed becoming multi-sensory beings? You've described so beautifully here, that precise evolutionary shift in motion: our ability to receive this more subtle information and vision—quite discernable evidence—right under our noses. Our more rational, analytical mind-selves would have us looking "out there" for dramatic manifestations; for what feels "out of reach." Your experience is most certainly of this more subtle—but no less profound—nature. It reminds me of the texture, the quiality of information that I receive from departed loved ones. It's more like a feather brushing against your cheek, I would say, rather than a boulder that hits you over the head.

Along the same lines, I often see angels as quick sparks of Light. I remember saying to the coordinator in Virginia who was driving me around, "There's an '--iella' outside your car window!"—a knowing that came to me, after catching one of those "flicks" in the corner of my eye. She confirmed that she prays to the Angel Gabriella.

Regarding the butterflies! In past years, I've wondered where they've all gone! I grew up in Southern California, where Monarchs fluttered in my yard, when poppies and ladybugs and orange groves were in abundance—before Disneyland and runaway development excavated so much vegitation. Now, methinks that the butterflies must rendezvous in a special place from where they're sent out on synchronized missions, such as the one you've described. Reminds me of how the "Monarch Group" got it's name. But that's another story! Plenty of clients receive "trans-dimensionl gifts" of butterflies and birds from loved ones.

Would you please recount Part One of this fascinating story"—how the stone, the fire engine story 'n all, came to be? I'm sure that readers would love to have the complete version!

Thanks for sharing, Diane,

Much love,

PS: Thanks for your permission to use your CDs "Talking Stick" and "Origins" for the occasional music breaks on the rotating webcast, "Louise Goes Live!" It's really wonderful listening, you talented jazz violinist/composer, you! I love Gregg's voice in "Only the Moment!" Groovy!