Another Opportunity to Return?


Your teachings are a great comfort at a time like this. There's something I've always wondered about. I know that a life as short as my granddaughter's may have served its purpose. But what if a soul intended to have a life with a certain couple, but something went wrong. Is it possible that the same soul may come back to the same couple if they get pregnant again? Have you ever heard of such a thing?

-Bev in CA-


I'd like to respond to your question, first of all, with some comments from another client:

Louise, I find your response to the doctor in the Czech Repbulic to be very interesting. His story reminds me of an unplanned pregnancy that I had in 1988 during an intense and unhealthy relationship. My partner wanted nothing to do with the pregnancy and I found myself incapable of having an abortion. After much suffering, I decided to go ahead with having the child. A couple of weeks later, I miscarried. It was so wrenching and emotionally (and physically) painful. After attending a special women's ceremony and a visualization, I was in touch with the spirit/soul of the child. Indeed, it was my daughter whom I had always known would join me since I was 13 years old. She said, in the visualization, that she would be back "when he has gone." Somehow, knowing she would return, kept me going and I was able to move on from the loss.

OK, so 13 years later, she returned into a very different situation but one. Ironically, I found myself being a single mother in, not unlike what I had resigned myself to in that earlier experience. From my perspective, I felt that she visited me while pregnant that first time and, due to unwelcoming scenarios, then decided to wait it out and return at a better time.

-Annie in CO-



Bev, we certainly cannot make glib generalizations regarding the intricate configuration of the soul journey of your granddaughter, for whom you and your family grieve so deeply. Who can say whether current conditions weren't ideal at this time, that some karma-balancing configuration had been accomplished, or whether the loss will prompt spritual expansion in some way for those who grieve. Or all of the above. I sense that within 2 years, there will be some profound insights about this near-birth—looking back—that will confirm the unfolding of the amazing bigger plan. This soul isn't done with your family, yet!