Precognitive Dreams


Do precognitive dreams always come to pass?


Interesting question. By definition, precognition —"direct knowledge or perception of the future, obtained through extrasensory means" — would imply that information from the future would inevitably unfold, or does this simply represent knowledge of a possible future occurrence, rather that the prediction of a certain one?

Data pulled from the stream of consciousness that flows beyond time and death is most certainly available (and retrievable) from the dream world as well. I know that information that I retrieve in consultations is also a bit, not concrete. And the meaning in both cases is always left up to interpretation.

Years ago, an apprentice reported having a series of dreams that demonstrate what an amazing punster the unconscious can be, and as to the importance of interpretation. Shortly after dreaming — "orange juice" — she read that the Israeli army (Jews dressed in orange!) were ousting Jews from the Gaza Strip! When she dreamed, "French fries" -- she later learned that that Algerians had been torching cars in France. France was frying!

Another apprentice used to have precognitive dreams that previewed future disasters. She told me that she'd asked God, "Okay, if I'm supposed to get these dreams...then give me two weeks notice!" I recall that her requirement was met — but I can't recall her mentioning if the visions always came true.

I suppose that information about the future — whether retrieved in an awakened or sleep state — always constitutes a possible future, maybe even an alternate reality. When I hang out in a specific moment of a client's probable, positive future, I always emphasize that the certainty of that moment unfolding will depend upon his/her determination to be attentive to — and make use of — the challenges they're encountering in the present.

Similarly, the probability of precognitive dreams coming to pass likely depends upon all that's going on in the present. Many are reporting dreams about earthquakes, and yet, we know that prayers and meditations for peace are taking us all (and presumably, Mother Earth as well) to a place of greater stillness. Who's to say? As usual..."time" will tell.