"Feeling Like There's Something Big on the Horizon..."


I am feeling like something big is on the horizon for all of us. Are you getting any hits lately? I am doing everything I can to stay centered and calm. It seems like things are coming in very clear for me these days. — KJ in CA


Thanks for your question, KJ! I applaud your efforts to stay centered and calm. I believe that it’s more crucial than ever to do so, given this particular time in the evolution of our eternal souls.

There's so much that gets us spinning like a top these days. The trick is how to step out of that spin and back into the present moment — in more and more moments of each day. Technology seduces us with its amazing functionality, politics divide us and feed our insatiable ego-selves (they're SO wrong and we're SO right!), and struggles in our personal lives can cast us into a dark place where we forget that we're unconditionally loved and always watched over.

The key to resisting the spin: a daily routine that includes meditation, the practice of being mindful (observing from within the present moment), pulling out of addictive thought-loops and into an open heart, doing one kind deed for another, and going for a walk to intentionally take time to smell the flowers — any or all of these actions will do the trick! These anti-spin maneuvers are sure to bring you back into alignment, front and center, positioned and ready to resume receiving delightful cosmic winks and wonderful 'daisy chains’ of synchronicities!

One more thing about technology: Given all the devices at our disposal which allow us to accomplish previously unimaginable things, we also find ourselves performing at warp speed, way beyond the limits of our spirit’s natural flow. I believe that the use of these time-saving, time-crunching conveniences has forced us into an unnatural rhythm that unavoidably, and sometime suddenly, becomes a major source of stress. It’s take us to a new level of distraction, one that has us operating as though we’re all suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder. Many who never had to manage stress before find themselves feeling agitated for no apparent reason. This new stress underscores the deepening need for downtime each day. I can’t say it enough: mediate, practice mindfulness, connect with nature.

Also, make an effort to resist the seduction of technology. Practice focusing on doing ONE...THING...AT...A...TIME! Pay attention to the person sitting across from you at the next meal, meeting or social gathering. Be present with the people sitting around you in the waiting room, or on the bus or train. Turn your phone off at night and resists taking your devices to bed with you.

 am feeling like something big is on the horizon for all of us. Are you getting any hits lately?

Yes! — as a matter of fact — I'm observing a lot going on these days! My impressions are usually framed within a metaphysical context, and relative to the much bigger picture unfolding. Truth be told, I’m obsessed with collecting any evidence that points towards the current shift in consciousness, one which I perceive as happening on the level of critical mass sort of way. I’m fascinated by watching the ways in which this shift is manifesting personally in peoples’ lives, specifically, in multi-sensory and multi-dimensional ways. People are starting to sense and ‘know’ amazing things...

A recent observation: A friend urged me to watch the recent finals for the TV show, So You Think You Can Dance? She said the dancers are amazing. She was right! What these folks are doing with their bodies is astounding! (When did dancers learn to do such things?)

Group dance numbers had contestants executing exquisitely choreographed moves in unison. They appeared as though they were all one, not simply performing the steps well, together — but truly... as if they were one! It also struck me, how so many of the dance steps seemed robotic, as if the dancers’ bodies were being controlled remotely by someone backstage.

This made me think about how there’s so much these days that involves — robots — and all things looking robotic. It then occurred to me that this trend might actually be reflecting a very real, very soulful truth that’s dancing into our lives —

hat we're truly not these bodies that we inhabit and are free to move around at will; they’re merely the vehicles we inhabit temporarily, while participating in this wild adventure called physical reality! It’s the Higher Self (an aspect of the God Self) that’s pulling the strings and guiding the soul while consciousness momentarily occupies a physical body!”

Throughout the evening, I heard more than than one judge exclaim (various versions of ) — "That was most definitely your spirit shining through!" ..."It was your soul communicating with us!"