Sister He Never Knew


Imagine what happened to me for instance some years ago. During walking home from my job I suddenly had a feeling to see white light (like a 100Watt bulb in my mind). I had this conversation: I heard, "Hi, my brother." I asked, "Who are you?" "I am your sister." I asked, "Which one" I have two twins." It told me, "No,I am the third one. I said, "Sorry, I have no other sister." It told me, "Oh yes, you have! "I am the sister which died during abortion of your mother." I said, "Nonsense!" It told me to ask my family. In that moment I had a feeling something must be wrong with me to have this conversation. I contacted my family and asked if there was some child—my third sister in past. They told me, "Yes, before your birth your mother had abortion. It was a girl; my third sister!"

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-Dr. KK in Czech Republic-


Fascinating! Responding to you gives me the opportunity to address an often asked and widely pondered question: The issue of abortion, specifically, regarding the issue of the killing of a life versus the eternal existence of the soul.

The important point that I tend to emphasize, is that from a metaphysical perspective, a soul is never killed. On my Introductory Tape, I add, "We're no dummies. We are/the spirit is not going to enter a body (vehicle) that's not going to make it!" I recall a poignant observation that a client, an obstetrician, once shared with me. He said that he could sense, unmistakably, the "light switch turning on"—the soul arriving—at the moment of the birth in his patients' newborns.

I suppose that if our spirit can journey to any "where," there would be no reason that a visit to the developing fetus would be off-limits, particularly if it were required for that soul's growth or karma balancing. Yes, the decision to end the opportunity for a soul to enter into yet another soul-evolving experience—the extremely precious gift of life in the physical—can be viewed as an unfortunate one.

From my perspective, I would speculate that the soul that was choosing to come to your mother, was already identifying to some degree, with the physical fetus—the potential "vehicle" for a possible future excursion into your family.

I feel that in the same way that our spirit is eternal—not confined to physicality or locality, nor bounded by linear time—nor by the death of the physical body—we travel "all over the map," in and out of the physical body in the sleep state, as well as in semi-conscious and un-conscious states. I believe that the embodiment our eternal consciousness—propelled by the spirit—that draws from higher, infinite, omnipresent, omnipotent consciousness, maintains a continuum of awareness that includes varying levels and degrees of perception.

This perspective would likely apply to your account of the very aware presence of your would-be sister, projecting itself as spirit from that continuum of consciousness, representing itself as that soul. Obviously, she/it was not killed by the abortion.

What is especially intriguing to me, is that during the frequent interpreting that I do for souls preparing for "re-entry" who have chosen prospective parents, they clearly demonstrate an ability to see beyond time, since they are not restricted by the viewing of time and events through a linear lens. I'm thinking particularly of those souls who indicate that they will be returning, "remembering!"

My knee-jerk response to this increasingly common pronouncement from these souls, is, "Prove it!" This invites such a soul to project specific future moments—projected from their timeless awareness—when he/she will be recognizing people and objects from their "previous" incarnation (in quotes, being that all time is really occurring simultaneously), much like the proof that a reincarnating young Lama in Tibet will give expectant, observing priests.

Therefore, if these souls are indeed, able to sense beyond time, then would not your sister-that-wasn't have been able to see that the potential vehicle being created in your mother, was not to be a viable one? Interesting...

Thanks so much for sharing your amazing experience!


Here is a another question from a client regarding this same issue about soul entry. This client recently lost her granddaughter who was stillborn, resulting from a ruptured aneurysm in the umbilical cord.