Trying Not To Get Derailed From My Path!


There is an employee who was transferred to me in April. I've known her in a casual, friendly way for 21 years. She recently filed harassment charges and other work-related charges against me. I knew she was unhappy and could "feel" the vibration for some time. I know that it's a good spiritual development opportunity for inner guidance tells me to just be the channel through which Light flows and to not get stuck on that which would derail me from my path. I'm also wrestling with another situation:

I volunteer for a horse rescue operation. The couple I assist rescues pregnant mares from the slaughter house so they have moms and babies. The Love that flows from the animals and the rescue owner is off the charts! They've worked for over 30 years building their business in construction. They sold it to one of their employees for over a million dollars to be paid in $9K a month increments.

The new owner hasn't paid them in a year and now they are panicked. My friend is giving away horses as fast as she can because she can't afford to feed them and may lose her home. They've tried to help the new owner and even did some construction work to help keep him keep his deadline and to bring in some of the money they are owed. The guy now is laughing at them (according to the workers) and they have even less.

What do you make of these perplexing situations?


Yes, we're certainly being challenged to our core these days. Much that exists in our physical world that is inauthentic or untruthful is floating to the surface, not unlike (a great visual)—the current oil spill catastrophe.

There will continue to be astonishing revelations as more and more flotsam surfaces; issues amplified to alert us to make better, more conscious choices, ones that illuminate and heal whatever has been submerged in the darkness down below. There is a new awareness is emerging and entering (what I call) "streaming consciousness"—that timeless energy stream that connects us non-locally, globally, like the internet.

While this is an exciting "cosmic" feature of this lifetime, we're still left to deal with debris that floats to the surface of our personal lives—the unexpected and too often unimaginable (as in both instances that you've reported here!)

I feel that the conclusions you're reaching with each of these issues is spot on—staying present, riding it through, resolved to take the higher (but not loftier) road at every turn.

Speaking of taking the higher road, I'll share something that might be helpful, a phenomenon that has been showing up in an increasing number of consultations lately: I have found myself mediating conversations among the Higher Selves of a few clients that includes others with whom they're involved in seemingly unsolvable conflict. They come to me feeling submerged in total confusion, trapped and helpless.

The first time I ever experienced this kind of conversation—HS to HS—was many years ago, while waiting to meet a friend for dinner at a restaurant. I'd been asked to be seated in the cocktail lounge to wait for her arrival. Hoisting myself up onto a stool at one end of a long, oval-shaped bar, I instinctively surrounded myself with the Light—a good thing to do in any bar!—and then looked around.
I suddenly became aware the HSs of all those who were seated around me, as if this higher, greater aspect of each one's soul was floating above their heads—not that different from how I see non-physical loved ones in consultations. Before I knew it, my HS was conversing telepathically with all of theirs. Within a few seconds, each and every one of those folks (their physical selves) turned to look right at me!

I sent them all clear, focused thoughts—wishing happiness for them, and the courage to live their lives in a higher way, trusting in a Higher Power. Several of them actually smiled at me, then returned to resume their conversations. By that time my friend had arrived.

Equally unexpected and spontaneously, I was in the midst of a consultation with a client a few months ago, a physician involved in a malpractice lawsuit. I had begun the consultation and was in the process of "pulling the camera back" to do a scan. 

Suddenly, the HSs of everyone involved in the lawsuit—the accuser, his attorney, his family, along with a few non-physical relatives and cronies—all showed up, filling the room.<br>

I proceeded with the consultation, addressing the HSs of all present by asking, "Why have all of you come together in this life-space? What are you to learn from all this drama—individually, or as a collective group?" 

I was shown an interesting set of dynamics concerning the accuser, the (alleged) defendant, the accuser's (deceased) wife, and another doctor involved in the case.Then I asked them (their HSs), "So, what is the best outcome for all? What kind of resolution new truths are possible for the highest good and evolution of all your souls?"<br> 

What I remember from the session at this point—and I don't often recall details from sessions—was a in-depth discussion with the HS of the accuser, an image of something being signed, acknowledged (or demonstrated), and some specific insights as to how the karma among this group could be balanced, and the drama ended. 

I haven't yet heard back from my client, but he certainly left the session with a new perspective and spin on the whole stressful mess, more ready to come to the table to seek resolution than to defeat his opponent at all costs—literally!<br> 

I suggest that you try going into a meditative state and invite all these characters into your personal garden. Perhaps you might see the co-worker appear in one area...oh, say...sitting by a beautiful fountain at the back of your garden; the HSs of those involved in the horse rescue effort—waiting to meet with your HS over by the flower garden...

Feel your HS (imagining a big ball of Light over your head) connecting with the HSs (above their heads). Ask some similar questions. Observe your own ego-self's temptation to run the show or impose your version of the script—how you think things should go—then pull your energy back up to your crown and proceed. Watch for some enlightening insights and likely shifts in behavior when you next see these folks, and of course, greater peace within yourself.

Good luck!
and much love