2014 Presentation Topic: Streaming Consciousness - Experiencing Multidimensionality

STREAMING CONSCIOUSNESS: Experiencing Multidimensionality

Have you ever wondered where highly intuitive information originates? It exists in the Stream of infinite, timeless consciousness. This information is Divinely-inspired and available to everyone — once you’re in the flow.

Louise Hauck discusses how to access this flow of information that extends beyond time — past, present and probable futures — and beyond the physical dimension where loved ones reside. She shares convincing evidence of telepathy existing as an integral part of this flow. It’s an easily accessible means of communication that connects all living things.

By now, many spiritual seekers find themselves flowing in the Stream with greater ease, experiencing serendipitous synchronicities and powerful manifestations as daily occurrences. They're ready to dive deep and explore the nature of multidimensionality in consciousness – how to receive, process, and decode multi-layered, vast and nuanced information on this deeper level. Louise helps listeners better understand this place of expanded consciousness.

Louise Hauck is an internationally known futurist and intuitive spiritual counselor, the author of Beyond Boundaries, Heart-Links, Fearless Future, and Streaming Consciousness: A Current of Unity. Her work has been endorsed by Gary Zukav (The Seat of the Soul), Peter Russell (A White Hole in Time), and Larry Dossey, MD (Recovering the Soul).