2015-2016 Interview /Presentation Topics/ Promo 'Blurbs' / Suggested Interview Questions


Louise Hauck has a lot to say about our participation in a stream of consciousness that transcends time and death. When awakened souls learn to maneuver in this stream, they experience a stunning new level of connectivity — to Source energy, to every-one and every-thing existing in physical and non-physical form — to everything that is energy.

A built-in aspect of this enhanced connectivity is telepathy. It’s important that we learn to ‘merge' with the flow of multi-dimensional information and embrace this extra-sensory form of communication. It's an integral aspect of our evolution into the multisensory and multidimensional beings we're here to become.

Louise shares fun examples gleaned from her work that demonstrate what many souls are likely to experience as they gain a new understanding of multidimensionality, and open to this stunning level of connectivity that goes hand in hand with telepathic communication.

Louise discusses the nature of multidimensional information itself — how it's incredibly vast (goes beyond anything conceived), multi-layered in meaning and intent, and timeless (changing and expanding over time.)


There’s a tremendous awakening afoot, well-timed with today’s expansion in consciousness. Eckhart Tolle, author of A New Earth says that with one's awakening —"thinking and consciousness separate…we start to recognize ourselves as the awareness behind the thinking. That awareness puts us in alignment with universal intelligence."

Louise Hauck works with this type of highly intuitive, multidimensional source of information on a regular basis in her work as an intuitive spiritual counselor. We all have access to this infinite flow of information in the stream of consciousness that transcends time and death. Awakened souls are learning what brings them into the flow — into alignment (where the magic occurs) — and what pulls them out of the flow, the times they feel blocked, when nothing seems to work or move forward. Louise is discovering this information to be incredibly vast (goes beyond anything conceived); it's multi-layered in meaning and intent; it's timeless (changing and expanding over time.)

Louise will share exciting evidence — proof of our connectivity to higher, unseen energies, to the Higher Selves of those residing in physical or non-physical form —to everything that is energy. When we learn to ‘merge’ we experience a stunning new level of connectivity that goes hand in hand with telepathic communication.

Louise and her apprentices are discovering new ways to translate the messages, decipher the symbols, and interpret the metaphors — all the while testing the limits of our ability to prod and play with this amazing source of information!

When prearranged with program directors, Louise is happy to do random 'tuning-in' for audiences following her presentations to demonstrate many principles covered in her talks.

Louise is the author of Beyond Boundaries, The Adventures of a Seer, Heart-Links, Fearless Future , and Streaming Consciousness, A Current of Unity . Her work has been endorsed by and dovetails with that of Gary Zukav, Peter Russell, Willis Harman, and Larry Dossey, MD.


  • Why do you feel it’s important for us to understand (and use) telepathic communication?
  • How does our ability to go beyond time and experience ‘simultaneity’ relate to today’s expansion in consciousness?
  • What do you mean by ‘merging’ with another’s consciousness? Why would we want to? What purpose does it serve?
  • How do you know you’re really telepathizing with others who’ve passed over, or with those who are still among us? How is it possible that you get messages from ALL living beings — and things?
  • What evidence have you personally witnessed regarding the expansion of consciousness and increased extra-sensory perception?
  • Why do we need to learn to experience our ‘connectivity?’

GENERAL INTERVIEW QUESTIONS (Suggested for 2013-2014)

  • You refer to yourself as a "Time-traveling intuitive spiritual counselor." As an intuitive, how do you use your gifts? — And how are you able to time travel?
  • What exactly is — Streaming Consciousness? How is the concept useful?
  • What do you have to say about telepathy?
  • — And what is "Higher Self communication?"
  • What is the Current of Unity that you write about in your book?
  • How does Streaming Consciousness relate to communicating with deceased loved ones?
  • Can you predict the future? Do you see future disasters?
  • Do you believe that we all have intuitive gifts? How can we develop them?
  • How would you explain “deja vu?”
  • What about astral projection?
  • How can people best "go with the flow" in these changing times?
  • How do you think that miracles and healings come about?/li>
  • What's your spin on ETs? Have you communicated with them?
  • Is time really speeding up?