2024 Presentation Topic: Dancing With the Universe!

These times present new challenges for folks seeking ways to overcome personal obstacles, isolation, and fears concerning their world, the planet, and the future. Louise demonstrates to audiences how it’s possible to ‘Dance with the Universe’ by creating space for Higher Energies to intervene. 

This Divinely-orchestrated dance increases the occurrence of delightful ‘cosmic winks’ and provides views of the larger landscape of life. Illuminated helpers love to show how attentive they are to our needs and respond in delightful, unexpected ways. They love to show us new dance steps!

We're encouraged to embrace our true identity as non-local, timeless Beings and trust our ability to become powerful ‘receivers’ of highly intuitive, multidimensional information. Receiving multi-layered, abstract impressions can have a far-reaching impact when we learn to interpret in ways that improve our lives, and the insights we gain can also be helpful to others. 

Accessing and interpreting this information further helps us trust our ability to communicate with those in the ‘non-physical’ who convey a growing understanding of their past physical experience, contrasted with emerging, more enlightened perspectives. They also confirm for us in magnificent, unmistakable ways that love is the conduit that connects us all throughout eternity.