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This information is provided for interviews and teleprompters during radio and television interviews with Louise:

Louise is a time-traveling clairvoyant, intuitive spiritual counselor, author and international presenter.


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BOOKS: Beyond Boundaries, The Adventures of a Seer, Heart-Links, Fearless Future, Streaming Consciousness: A Current of Unity, and I'm Still In Here: Intuitive Assistance for Caregivers Tending to Those Who Can't Communicate.


One-Hour Consultations (In person and by phone)
Louise utilizes her gifts most effectively in this more detailed, deeper context within a one-on-one framework.

Group Readings provide an intimate exchange between Louise and each individual in the group. She begins with a brief orientation, detailing the categories into which she sorts and delivers specific information to each participant, all the while beginning her 'tuning-in' process.

IN PERSON: Louise conducts these groups for 8 participants when she's on the road for speaking engagements (or when specially arranged.)
IN SKYPE (or ZOOM): Louise offers these 'virtual' groups for 6 participants for approx. 2 hours online.

Apprenticeship Program
Louise invites clients into the program when feels she can facilitate and help to strengthen their emerging multisensory, intuitive gifts.

Intuitive Life Coaching
Louise offers the "ILC" program for clients who desire to create goals for a more positive future. This often includes deeper exploration into issues and repeating patterns that have been identified in an initial consultation.


The Intuition Advancement Series
This 6-weekly class series (offered periodically) is geared toward helping participants hone their own intuition and learn to trust their personal inner guidance. (This offering usually comes available following a major TV or radio interview with Louise.)

Saturday Questions
This 1-hour live online audio/video class gives up to 8 participants the opportunity to ask Louise one question. Offered periodically.

'Monday Minis' are a once/month opportunity for six participants to join Louise in Skype (or Zoom) to receive a 'mini reading,' a virtual version of those she delivers in audiences at the close of her presentations. [Louise runs these periodically, dates posted on the website News and Facebook page.


Louise's presentation videos, TV interviews, radio interview recordings — and other good stuff is accessible on her YouTube Channel.



Landline for radio interviews: (831) 620-1913