Louise Hauck is a "time traveling" clairvoyant, intuitive spiritual counselor who views beyond the physical dimension where all time exists simultaneously.
She has written—

  • Beyond Boundaries, The Adventures of a Seer
  • Heart-Links, Connecting With Lost Loved Ones
  • Fearless Future—A Map Through an Uncertain Present
  • Streaming Consciousness, A Current of Unity
  • I’m Still In Here!

Louise has had the gift of 'sight' from early childhood, with an ability to merge with the another's consciousness and move scenes forwards and backwards through time. She has learned to use this ability in very specific ways that heal and expand people's lives. When she was four years old, she said to her mother, "When you go to heaven, we'll write letters." This was a precognitive sensing, that in addition to seeing beyond the illusion of linear time, she would be able to interpret for souls in the 'non-physical' dimension—to see beyond the illusion of death. On three different occasions, Louise was 'zapped' by the light, spontaneous experiences that caused her to experience this dimension without illusion or duality. On one of these occasions, her physical body de-materialized.

Louise's work has been endorsed by and dovetails with that of Gary Zukav (Dancing Wu-Li Masters, The Seat of the Soul), Peter Russell (A White Hole In Time, The Global Brain), Willis Harman (Global Mind Change, past President of the Institute of Noetic Sciences), and Larry Dossey, MD (Recovering the Soul, Space, Time and Medicine).

Louise worked in music therapy and psychology research at Patton State Hospital, where she collaborated with Patrick L. Martin, PhD in publishing: Music as a Reinforcer in Patient Controlled Duration of Time Out (Journal of Music Therapy, 1970, vol. 7, no. 2, pp. 43–53). She consulted as a Behavior Modification Specialist in hospitals, schools and centers for the developmentally disabled. Later guided on her spiritual path, Louise learned ways to effectively integrate behavioral principles with her intuitive gifts in counseling individual clients in person and over the phone around the world.

For over thirty years, Louise has run Illuminations, an effective vehicle that allows her to share her talents through a number of services. She works with apprentices by phone and in workshops with exercises in remote viewing (transmitting images telepathically), peer-to-peer communication (telepathic) through the Higher Self, and matching frequencies with loved ones in the non-physical dimension. She is gathering evidence that demonstrates the expansion of consciousness that is occurring on the planet as we evolve into highly intuitive, multi-sensory beings. The IAP (Illuminations Apprenticeship Program) also provides a way for Louise to help clients sharpen their own intuitive skills. She tutors clients who desire to go into deeper work, beyond their periodic consultations, in the ILC (Intuitive Life Coaching) program.

Louise has enlightened audiences around the country and in Great Britain, France, The Netherlands, Australia, Israel and Canada. She demonstrates her ability to 'time travel,' opening a corridor to the past, through which we receive gifts from our challenges, and to the future, from where a higher, expanded aspect of our consciousness—scripted and directed by the Source—nurtures and guides us in the present. She also shows how to get into the flow of Streaming Consciousness to communicate with those in the non-physical, beyond the illusion of time and death.

She shows how it's possible to change the past—and shift the present and future. She also gives evidence of the never-ending 'continuum of consciousness,' relaying messages from those in the non-physical and from the Higher Selves of physical beings not in attendance. (This type of telepathic exchange often includes communication with those who are comatose or suffering from afflictions such as stroke, dementia or Alzheimer's).

She demonstrates both of these gifts while 'tuning-in' into audiences intermittently while she presents (when pre-arranged by producers and program coordinators).

Over the years, Louise has spoken at the Learning Annexes on the east and west coasts, the Learning Exchange in Sacramento and Seattle, First Class in Washington, DC, The Seminar Center in New York City, and has provided 'enlightening and inspiring evenings of entertainment' on the Inner Voyage cruises. She has been a returning guest on national radio's Art Bell Show, Coast-to-Coast and KPFK's The Aware Show, Good Morning Columbus, and has appeared on the Morning Shows in Phoenix, and Rochester (a CNN affiliate). Louise appeared on the TV program, The Other Side—speaking on the topic of Time Travel—and on Northwest Afternoon in Seattle.

Louise has spoken for FIONS (Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences) and IONS groups around the country, as well as for Unity, Centers for Positive Living (and Spirituality) Church of Religious Science groups, and the International Theosophical Society. She has presented periodically in London at Saint James Alternatives Center, the Group For Positive Living, The College of Psychic Studies, and at the London and Sydney Mind/Body/Spirit Festivals. Louise has also been a regular presenter at the NW Women's Conventions in Portland and Seattle, and for the Inside Edge in Irvine, CA.