On Behalf of a Crated Pup!

Sunday, July 8th, 2018

You may have read the fun stories I posted a while back about adorable Roxy, and Maria Maggi’s Silken Windhound — well…

Here’s another one from Pete, an exceptionally intuitive apprentice. He recently shared with me his account of a ‘visitation’ he experienced from his dog, Rusty, who passed in 2009 at the age of 17.

He said Rusty showed up on behalf of Val, Pete’s CURRENT Great Dane. He always knows it’s Rusty when he hears the familiar sound of nails on the hardwood floor. (That sound would always signal to Pete that Rusty was roaming the house).

Pete said the other day he had to reassemble Val’s crate, unused for over a year. It's been necessary to crate Val to keep him out of the way of workers who are re-doing Pete's home office.

Rusty telepathized to Pete, “WHY VAL CRATE?”

Pete explained (telepathically) to Rusty, that it’s been necessary to crate Val for his own safety. (Val was in his crate in the other room at the time).

Ever since Rusty’s visitation — and his remarkable communication with Pete — Val now goes willingly into his crate whenever the workers show up!


I was sitting in a pub having an early dinner last week, when I overheard a horse-person gal talking horse stuff with a couple of other gals a couple of seats away.

When the friends left, I inched over to the gal and asked if she was familiar with 'horse whisperers'. Turns out (duh) SHE IS ONE, and has saved more than 60 horses from the 'glue factory.'

She's also champion barrel racer. We had a delightful chat about intuitive stuff, and how she receives her intuited info.

Her gift only works with horses. Always has.