How I Survive the 'Dark Days'

Sunday, July 8th, 2018

I recently received an email from a dear, immensely talented, nymph-like, ✨Divinely inspired✨ friend, which I posted, along with my reply, on the Illuminations Facebook page.

She wrote:

Dear Louise,
How are you faring in these troubled scary times? What are you doing to stir up courage and love? It is a challenge to be here on this earth plane right now. Sending you lots of love dear friend—connecting with those dear to me is part of my survival plan.
My reply:

Thanks for asking, Maria. It's certainly all about connectivity. I guess I’d have to say, there are 2 things…no, 3, really — that get me through the rough days:

1. My work.

I feel buoyed whenever I view others’ lives through a much wider lens, and ‘zoom out’ for a panoramic view that helps make sense of this crazy (and lately, very disappointing) world. What speaks to my clients — usually speaks to me as well.

When I receive this confirmation (that includes proof of the illusion of death) — it can me feel absolutely giddy. I have to remember to tone it down when I’m helping clients who are contending with seemingly insurmountable, sometimes unbelievable challenges, and particularly when I'm relaying messages from non-physical loved ones.

When I ‘merge’ with a loved one, I can usually feel their effervescence and new-found sense of freedom and release. I must be mindful that my client is suffering an incredible loss and experiencing tremendous grief.

Years ago, after relaying the gist of an upbeat message to my client from her (non-physical) husband, she replied—


Huge lesson for me.

2. The winks.

I do have my down days when all my efforts seem futile, and I'm doubting the purposefulness of MY OWN bigger plan. (I call myself a “YE” on those days, i.e., a ‘Ye of Little Faith’). That’s when I’ll call out to the U-verse, to God — and very often, specifically — to the ✨angels and elementals✨(fairies, the ‘Tinkerbells’ who enhance nature’s beauty) for whom I often relay messages —

“HEY THERE!" I call out in my thoughts — "You know, I relay a lot of message for you guys! TODAY I REQUEST A DEMONSTRATION BY THE END OF THE DAY — a ⚡️cosmic wink⚡️or some sort of signal — some way you'll remind that I’m never alone and that you’ve got MY back, the way you do for my clients!

I had one of those days, just recently, so I called out my request early that morning. A few hours later, I went for a pedicure — sandal weather upon us ’n all — at the salon owned by a sweet Vietnamese couple.
The wife sat on her little stool, tending to my toesies, while I perched on the vibrating-recliner-foot-bath-dealie. I spotted her husband walking by on his way to the break room. He stopped suddenly, then turned and looked right at me.

“Hi, Louise,” he said. “Hey, you know, you ought to work at Disneyland, dressed up as one of those fairy ladies!”

I got the message. Thank you, angels and elementals. You reminded me of my connectivity to all the higher energies watching over me — and that you've got my back! (It didn't even make me wonder, what-the-heck are Disney fairy ladies? I doubt the husband had any idea, either!)

3. My biggest blessing.

I grew up knowing I was loved and safe. I know that’s huge, especially when I view incredibly troubled childhoods existing in so many clients’ pasts. I also don’t fear death.

I’m so very blessed. Knowing that helps me the most in dark moments, and on those very down days.

Thanks for asking, dear Maria!