Communicating with Strangers, Pets, and Youngins

Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Communicating with Strangers, Pets, and Youngins

Now that folks are emerging, cautiously, from their quarantined lives, this extrovert is delighted to make her way back out into the (nearby) world with a passion for chatting up strangers, particularly those resonating on — or those about to come onto — a higher frequency of love and unity:

A gal leaving a restaurant patio stopped to say that I'd been the first to have ever complimented on her (stunning in my book) graying hair. 

A grocery store employee smiled when I applauded her after overhearing a conversation she'd had with a distressed customer. The gal took the time to listen to the woman detail the many hardships she’d endured in recent weeks.

“Yes, folks have been through a lot,” she said, shaking her head.

A young fellow, wheeling his cart toward me down the grocery aisle, laughed when I caught his eye, noticing that we were  both boogying to the zippy tune playing throughout the store. He winked and gave me a 'thumbs-up.'

I often report about the way pets and young children reach out to me (telepathically) when I pass them on the sidewalk or connect with them in restaurants. They ‘telepathize’ easily and spontaneously because they're so fully in each present moment:

A sad-looking pup lay at the feet of a couple seated at a table across the way at a seafood shack. He telegraphed to me how much he missed his buddy. I tested the water as I usually do – never wanting to intrude or impose.

“Hi there!” I said, introducing myself. “Um, I guess you could say I’m a sort of… dog whisperer. Your pup has reached out to me with something he wants you to know."

“Oh, yes?” the female partner replied. “Please tell us what he’s saying! I'm sooo into that stuff!”

“He’s greatly missing his buddy,” I said.

“Oh…yeah,” she said, frowning. “His brother recently died. He caught Covid!”

“I’m so sorry,” I said. “Your pup truly feels your love. And by the way, he also senses the presence of that brother! Oh, and your partner — he makes your dog feel so safe!”

The gal’s very macho-looking guy looked over and smiled, and then reached down to pet the pup.

Yeah,” he said, sitting up straight, “this little guy and I are real close!”

Another time, I observed a pup tethered to the table next to mine, sitting with two fellows who both apparently owned miniature dogs. One lay in the arms of his owner, and the tethered one seemed quite agitated, tugging at his leash, trying to come closer.

Following my usual introduction and their apparent receptivity to what I had to share, I relayed the impressions I was receiving:

“Do you have a fence in your backyard?” I asked.

“Well, yes, I guess we do…” the owner replied.

“Well, I keep seeing him looking through the fence and wanting — obsessing really — about going toward whatever he sees through that fence!”

“It’s the highway,” said the owner said. “It’s where we found him. He’d been left by the side of the road.”

I thought…I hoped…that the pup was simply looking back to where he’d been, rather than still longing to return to whomever had left him there.

Young children are proficient telepathizers:

A three-something year-old little girl was staring at me intensely from across the cafe. (I really do most often eat at home! ?)

I approached the woman sitting by the little one with my usual intro.

“I’m her grandmother,” the woman replied, looking curious and receptive.

“Well, this little one REALLY WANTS TO CLIMB!” I said. “ I don’t know…climb trees? Metaphorically climb to greater heights? Perhaps become an architect and build tall structures!?”

“We actually have to keep her from climbing trees, even at her young age!" she said. "And she LOVES playing with her Legos!”

“Oh, really!” I said, “Do encourage her to take it slow and have patience with all the steps leading to where she’s so impatient to go…to pay attention in school...learn math, science...take time to make friends along the way — and continue to dream big!”

“Thanks so much,” the little girl’s loving grandmother said. “You know,” she added, "a little nine-year-old boy recently came up to us and said, “Your little girl is a GENIUS!” 

That little girl is certainly making her presence known here on Planet Earth!

I'm SUCH a fan of the way we all connect on that higher frequency of love and kindness.

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