Exploring the Illusion of Time and Death and Techniques to Slow It Down!

Feeling crunched for time seems to be an inescapable aspect of life that continually overrides our intentions to create a more peaceful and steadier flow in our daily lives. New physics teaches us that time is truly and illusion, though we’re still left to operate in a linear time perspective, often multi-tasking to fit too much into too little time.

Louise Hauck, is an inspiring and entertaining international presenter, a “time-traveling” clairvoyant spiritual counselor, and the author of “Beyond Boundaries, the Adventure of a Seer and Heart-Links, She will present ideas to challenge your perceptions of time as you know it and will gift you with very practical techniques to help you de-stress your life. The effect of this Illusion of Time journey will be a shift in your perceptions that will launch you into living your life in more multi-dimensional ways—beyond time!

Louise Hauck has had the gift of "sight" from early childhood, with an ability to merge with another's consciousness and move scenes forwards and backwards in time, reporting back from where past, present and probable future exist simultaneously. She has learned to use this ability in very specific ways that heals and expand people's lives. Her work has been endorsed by and dovetails with the work of Gary Zukav (The Seat of the Soul) Peter Russell (A White Hole In Time).

In the way that Louise’s clairvoyant abilities allow her to move beyond clocks and linear time, beyond this physical dimension to where all time—past, present and probable future—exists simultaneously, she will demonstrate how she “time travels” though these corridors.

She will show you how to open one corridor to the past—through which you will receive the gifts from your challenges—and another corridor to a future from where a higher, expanded aspect of your consciousness—scripted and directed by the Source!—can nurture and guide you in the present. Louise will demonstrate her ability to operate in a “no-time zone” by tuning into the audience intermittently while she presents—weaving past, present and future together. She will convince you that by changing your past, you will influence your future.

Participants in Louise's audiences often experience an "entrainment" effect, whereby they report an awakening or an amplification of their own intuitive abilities, following a demonstration.