Transcending the Illusion of Time and Death: Tools for Creating a Fearless Future In An Uncertain Present

Tuesday, August 19th, 2003

Startling events in our world have changed our lives—our world—forever. Their snowballing effects threaten to disturb our visions of a peaceful present and challenge our hopes for manifesting future dreams.

If you personally choose to evolve beyond the fearful perceptions that swirl around in today's "consensus reality," then you will be empowered to hold your own personal visions of safety, fulfillment and abundance. Manifested through your own soulful, prayerful intentions that reach beyond time and death, you will live in concert with the Divine, bestowed with infinite miracles to accompany you on your journey—even while living in the midst of all that appears threatening and unsafe.

When you choose to arm yourself with your multi-sensory gifts in accordance with your true, timeless, multi-dimensional nature—learning to perceive beyond this illusory dimension—then you are knighted as a spiritual warrior, eligible to be a receiver of powerful, highly intuitive information. You are bestowed with these gifts from the Divine, to assist in your ever-present, synchronistic and sure-footed guidance.

Louise Hauck will show you how to position yourself—in the here (and now!)—so that you will receive those gifts. By shifting your limiting and fearful perceptions, she will direct you towards your own ability to intuit subtle energies beyond the illusions of linear time and death, while "grounding the wire" in your day-to-day life.

An inspiring and entertaining, international presenter, Louise will show you how to create the most relevant, expansive and joyful future by turning your attention to the present, from where you create the corridors through which you can change the past and influence your best future. She will demonstrate how to open one corridor to the past, through which you will receive the gifts from your challenges—and another corridor to a future from where a higher, expanded aspect of your consciousness—scripted and directed by the Source!—can nurture and guide you in the present.

In the way that Louise's clairvoyant abilities allow her to move beyond clocks and linear time, beyond this physical dimension to where all time—past, present and probable future—exists simultaneously, she will demonstrate how she "time travels" though these corridors.

Louise will also show you where to find the right "frequency on the radio dial" through which to communicate with loved ones who have made their transition to the non-physical dimension. She will demonstrates both of these abilities by "tuning-in" to the audience intermittently, while she presents.

Participants in Louise's audiences often experience an "entrainment" effect, whereby they report an awakening or an amplification of their own intuitive abilities, following a demonstration.