The Flower Story (Move Over, Tree Lady!)

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

If you enjoyed reading about Tina the Tree Lady, you'll love The Flower Story that emerged when I was recently reading a client over the phone.

I typically begin consultations by asking clients to take a deep breath with me. This gets us in sync. Then I proceed with an invocation that raises our vibrations and invokes the Source to work through me. Next, I go on to view (what I experience as) three different videos, each one playing out detailed vignettes relating to my client's life, each conveying a specific message. I am often interrupted at the start of that "upload" stage by loved ones who are excited to transmit to my client—even though they're residing in a "no-time" zone with no time constraints! In this particular consultation, I was distracted by the vision!

Initially, it was clear that the (non-physical) mother of my clients was "sending flowers" to her daughter. It's often a type of flower with a double meaning: iris, rose, violet, or daisy can indicate the specific name of a loved one (or a friend/relative that they want to refer to), as well as a favorite flower. This time, it was all kinds of flowers—flowers everywhere!

I relayed these images to my client. Then I told her the Tree Lady story, and described how it seemed that in this instance, the flowers were projecting in a way that reminiscent of "The Tree Person." It was the animation of a tree that had come forward in Tina's consultation, looking very much like the tree people in the movie, Lord of the Rings. This presence signaled a gift for Tina. Apparently The Flowers were doing the same thing. My client couldn't quite get the significance, so we moved on.

The next morning, I received an email from that client:

Hi, Louise! I got a gift from nature this morning. I planted some flowers outside a friend of mine's bedroom window so he could wake up and see their beauty when spring came to Michigan. My friend had surgery that had complications, as a result he's fighting to walk again. My husband is in Michigan taking care of his father and our friend. He sent me pictures this morning of the flowers that have just bloomed! I'd completely forgotten about them!

Don't you just love it, these demonstrations of how all living things are so incredibly connected? Yesss!
(The Spirit of the Pig tells another tale regarding this interconnectedness that exists through Streaming Consciousness!)


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Reading these stories this morning gets me into that beautiful 'zone' when we step into that sacred space of "The Stream" during our Wednesdays!