"How do you just GO there — and why so fast?"

An apprentice recently asked how I'm able "to just 'go there" — the way I 'flip the switch' at the start of consultations and become the receiver of vast, multidimensional, multilayered, and timeless and information, once I've initiated that first deep breath with the client, and begin my invocation.

The expediency with which I receive the intuited impressions has evolved over time, and I suspect there's a cumulative effect from having done this for over 30 years. Maybe it's similar to the way long-time meditators can 'transcend' and sidestep the chattering' monkey mind' so quickly.

In earlier times, I'd find myself pausing for a few seconds after reciting the invocation, and then, feeling positioned effectively, I'd merge with the client and enter the flow of 'streaming consciousness' and begin receiving the intuited impressions.

Clients and caring friends often suggest that I slow down this process and temper the speed at which I deliver all the collected information. "You go so fast!" I hear them say.

My usual response:

"Sooo, how would you feel, if — in one quick nano-second (or two) — you're in sync with the other at the moment of the deep breath, and then, even while reciting the invocation — you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a telepathic conversation with their loved one (residing in the non-physical), while at the same time, you're sizing up challenges occurring in that person's present, while also engaging in a chat with their 4-year-old self?

"And — oh, by the way — think about how, simultaneously, you're also watching a movie that features a potential, positive moment in that person's future — perhaps, eves-dropping in on a conversation they're having with a partner they've yet to meet, or welcoming the (recycled / reincarnated) return of a family member or beloved pet, or maybe, you see them launching their very own business venture, one that might in some way dovetail with their current, impossible job in the present!

— "And oh, those past-life 'deathbed scenes?' At least they wait to hydroplane into the consultation until there's clear relevance to a particular theme the client's replaying in their present."