How 'Thoughts and Prayers' Do Help!

Many of us are feeling tremendous grief for the victims —and  their friends and family — in the aftermath or the recent FL condo tragedy. Seeing that some were soothed by my recent Facebook Post: a reminder that angels are on duty to welcome those victims and escort them as they transition from their physical lives, I was reminded of a story I recounted in my first book, Beyond Boundaries, the Adventures of a Seer

I share the  story of a very spiritually evolved client, an FBI agent at the time (now with the CIA,) who received confirmation in a consultation that she'd inadvertently assisted a victim from an airline crash in making his transition to the Light.

I think it's a good time to share that story:

From BB - ‘The Scientist and the FBI agent’

The Scientist and the FBI Agent A touching expression of gratitude came through in one of Beverly’s readings, which were always fascinating. They often contained flashes of action-packed suspense. Those scenes were quite a contrast from the calm “so-what-else-is-new” demeanor that she projected. I remember her first reading, as I tried to make sense of the scenes that were difficult for me to interpret, since they related to aspects of life which weren’t in my repertoire of experiences.

Beverly never went into detail nor did she explain what it was that I was interpreting, but would simply nod and smile, confirming the information I received. At the end of that first reading, similar to a game show when the big clue is revealed, she informed me that she was an FBI agent. “Ah yes, that explains it,” I thought, replaying some of the scenes in my head.

“And what a good one she must be,” I mused, thinking about the contrasting dramatic scenes, which showed her on the job—the competent, capable, intuitive, aggressive agent—and the way that I always perceived her in her peaceful, personal life: gentle, feminine, spiritual, loving wife and mother. She seemed to keep both lives well separated.

One reading included a scene of intrigue that she felt comfortable explaining to me. I was relating other information to her, pertaining to her personal life, when a discarnate soul popped in, right into the middle of the reading, into the middle of the room. I digressed, attempting to interpret for this entity.

“He has a beard, shows himself wearing a blue shirt, and wants to thank you for your assistance in directing him towards the light! He’s also saying that what you were looking for was in the cockpit.” I opened one eye. Beverly smiled broadly and simply nodded. She seemed to know what this was all about.

It certainly made no sense to me. But, so as not to invade the confidentiality involved with Beverly’s profession, I didn’t ask her for an explanation. The visit from this soul seemed so purposeful though, that at the end of the reading, as I again opened my eyes, recalling the scene with, the visitor, I said, “Well! That was interesting!” allowing her to either drop the ball or “run with it.” I guess that this case had gained clearance, and Beverly was comfortable in offering me an explanation for all that I had relayed to her. “

Do you remember the plane crash in San Luis Obispo, a few years ago?” she began.

“Yes,” I answered, recalling something about a shooting on board a plane, and several people killed.

Beverly proceeded to piece together the confusing bits of information that I’d received from the man in the blue shirt. “It involved a disgruntled airline employee,” she continued, “who went berserk and shot himself and others while the plane was in the air. The minute I heard about it on the news, I knew that I’d be called to investigate. Sure enough, I was paged soon thereafter and drove right to the scene of the crash.

“Several other agents and I had to sort through all the rubble and debris from the crash, searching for passenger identification. One of the most crucial aspects of the search was in finding the ‘black box’ which was stored in the cockpit. It held the recording of the radio transmissions—all the evidence of what transpired just before the crash.

“It was particularly difficult with this crash, because the plane nose-dived straight into the ground, embedding itself into a huge hole. We had to dig way down into the earth to reach the cockpit. The box was severely damaged, and the entire surrounding area was covered with fuel. But we found the recorder intact. I guess that this visitor was participating in our investigative efforts!”

Beverly, reflecting back on that day, said that there were some moments when she was thinking about all the souls from the crash who would be going to the light at that time. She sensed many of them around her, several feeling lost and confused.

She remembered learning that when souls experience sudden, violent death, they often go into a state of “wondering” for a while, which lets them collect their sense of being. It allows all of the events that led up to their demise to catch up with them, so to speak. So she said that she intuitively felt the need to send them all lots of light, to help them on their way.

Then she started thinking about one particular passenger whom she knew had been on board. That man was a German scientist, returning with several of his graduate students from a visit to a research facility in southern California. They had been instrumental in some research that had also involved some investigation on Beverly’s part.

It had to do with the Russian and American combined interest in the atmospheric effects of Halley’s Comet relative to the time of the Phobos Mission, a (not successful) Soviet project with which Americans assisted. “That’s probably the connection with me that prompted him to come forward today,” Beverly concluded, quite accepting that he had done so.

I would think that with all that has come into clients’ readings for so many years, with all the revelations and learning material that is presented for their growth as well as mine, nothing would astonish me anymore. But when Beverly casually gave me the whole picture of what all this meant, I sat quietly, thinking about how it all fits together.

Beverly’s loving thoughts, extended to the souls who had been violently catapulted out of their physical bodies in the plane crash, had been well received. That one soul in particular, only a thought away, came forward to thank her, to acknowledge and validate the intuitive thoughts she’d carried about him and others on that day. These are the kinds of realizations and confirmations that keep me doing what I do.

Hauck, Louise. Beyond Boundaries: The Adventures of a Seer (p. 220). Lamplight Publishing Company. Kindle Edition.