A Pup on a Mission!

Wednesday, July 14th, 2021

There’s a family I’ve consulted for over the years, conducting ‘Readings in the Round’ in their lovely bayside home, and cheering them on through the years in their spiritually focused lives, committed to making a difference in the world.

The husband has been a very successful, Hemingway-esque kind of guy, well known for his professional perfectionism. Since his retirement, recent years have been stressful, forcing him to contend with critical health issues. He struggles to temper his overwhelming frustration from physical pain and restricted mobility, forever testing his (and his wife’s) patience.

A short time ago their daughter, Tait, a recent college graduate, had a session with me. My first intuited impressions were unmistakably transmitted from a canine presence. 

“This pup seems to have known your family before, it’s as if he’s on a return visit!” I said. 

“Yes!” Tait replied. “Mom had a session with you months ago, and she said you told her that a very special dog I grew up with would be coming back to us! You said he’s returning to help with Dad. Mom had already made arrangements to pick up a ‘Golden’ who was due to arrive in a litter in another state. We have him here now!” 

“Once we reached the kennel, we waited for the young puppies to be let out into the yard where we stood. Alll of a sudden, they all came scampering out. “Eddie’ — our name for him — he came right over to me!”

“I guess he’s back!” I said.” He certainly seems focused on a specific purpose, as if he’s on a very important mission. He’s showing me that he and your Dad have a pact. He’s arrived to comfort and lift his spirits, and both their Higher Selves are very much in communication — whether consciously or unconsciously. (Pets, like ourselves, also have higher aspects of their timeless consciousness, accessible through Streaming Consciousness!) 

“First, Eddie wants you all to know that he prefers a different kind of feeding dish,” I said.

“Well,” Tait replied, “he has a white porcelain one upstairs, and a stainless steel one here in my downstairs apartment.”

“— also, I continued, HE LOVES COLOR! He wants COLORED feeding dishes!”

Tait laughed, then promised to see about switching the dishes for brightly colored ones.

“Also,” I said, “there’s something about...red shoes?...red...I don’t know...Eddie seems insistent on drawing my attention to something red on someone’s feet!”

“Oh,” she laughed, “it’s Dad’s RED SOCKS!” Eddie goes after them and chews on them. He loves ‘em!”

“Yes,” he does love colorful things!” I said.

I moved on to addressing details concerning Tait’s upcoming path — and her apparent mission on Planet Earth — to be on the front lines, helping to raise the vibration of her peers as she moves forward in life. In the near future, when she plans to enter a masters program, I described likely road signs to watch for.

“There’s one more thing,” I said, “it has to do with that ‘pact’ with Eddie and your Dad.”

“Yes?” she asked.

“Eddie’s there to be a sort of...kind of like a ‘transitional object’ — er, pup — to help you and your Mom when it’s your Dad’s time to make his transition. And by the way, it’s not the first time I’ve felt that your father is really looking forward to reaching you, helping to guide you — when he’s no longer encumbered by a physical body. Let’s just say, he’ll ‘have your back!’  Eddie will be there to hold (and remind you of) your father’s love, and assist you and your mother in moving forward in your lives.”

“Oh golly,” she said. We will miss Dad so much!”

“I know. He knows. Eddie knows. The love will connect you all — forever.”