Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

Quantum physics principles are often way over my head, but I like to explore ideas that relate fo my work, particularly those involving 'time-travel.'

Here's an interesting principle:

RETROCAUSALITY means that, when an experimenter chooses the measurement setting with which to measure a particle, that decision can influence the properties of that particle (or another particle) in the past, even before the experimenter made their choice. IN OTHER WORDS, A DECISION MADE IN THE PRESENT CAN INFLUENCE SOMETHING IN THE PAST."

This makes me consider the effect of 'merging’ with the timeless consciousness of clients, and then going to the past to observe and re-frame strategic moments when inhibiting fears, beliefs, and misperceptions were embraced, ones that continue to influence their present — and their future.

I then get ‘sneak peeks’ of potential positive FUTURE moments occurring (beyond time) as a result of that shift we initiated in the past.

Do you think ‘the decision’ — or simply the INTENT— to shift the past (and thereby influence the present and future) — might prompt this to phenomenon to occur?