Shepherding Angels

Friday, July 15th, 2016

So interesting, that yesterday Jaene (my project manager) alerted me to the item I posted on my Facebook page, the photo of a crash victim’s spirit leaving the body. Fifteen years ago, she and I stood together on our rooftop in Manhattan the morning of 9/11, and watched with horror from several blocks away as WTC2 fell.

I remember the very moments in which I spotted from that distance, little dark blobs, bodies, falling downward from the tower—and in those same seconds, watching all those souls, beautiful sparks of light moving upward towards the heavens —up and away from their mortal, physical selves. It appeared as though they were truly being shepherded to the Light.

I am certain that loving angels were there for all the souls whose earthly journey ended tragically last night in France. It’s the loved ones, the first responders and witnesses who are left with inconsolable grief and haunting images—and us, the distant observers who wrestle with those heart-breaking reports and our own, painful envisioning—as we try to comprehend the incomprehensible.

Please know those souls have been wrapped in the most unconditional love and ushered to peaceful and soothing Light. Prayers for all who have made that journey (and those who may need our prayers to help them along), for those left behind, and for all of us who still have work to do on Planet Earth.

Be peace.