The Doors: Intuitive information gathering

This exercise was taught to me by a couple who used the technique in workshops for corporate managers around the world, showing them how to make more intuitive decisions, rather than those derived through traditional 'think tank,' brain-stormed solutions. I've customized the process a bit, and call it 'doing the doors.' It's a delightful way to experience how it feels to be the receiver of highly intuited information.

The exercise also demonstrates how it is that we tend to operate as channels of intuitive information for each other all the time, but most often unknowingly. Sometimes we'll have just the right words for friends, ones that bring surprising clarity or help them to see things in a new way. In a sense, we're 'channeling' for one another. And most often, we never had a clue that we were doing so.

You'll see how this data is accessible through the flow of Streaming Consciousness. However, you must first learn how to get out of your own way and not impede that information stream. This is done by side-stepping (tricking) the censoring mind.

I've said how the left-brain, rational mind is relentless in its dismissal of data not derived from logical thinking or deductive reasoning. You'll observe your logical mind having an absolute fit when you retrieve intuitive information. It will yell and scream at you — "You're crazy!...You just make this up!" or most common — "It's all your imagination!" (BTW, where do you think you get the thoughts that feel as though you've...made them up?)

I'll be positioning you in ways that effectively release you from the self-doubt that left-brain thinking casts over you. It's important that your child-self's imagination be allowed to run free.

Finally, one must learn to put the ego-self in time-out and let go of trying to control the exercise. I'll have a lot to say about this throughout our time together. But for now, just know that this exercise is a brilliant way to accomplish that very thing!

You and your partner will be using guided imagery to take each other on an adventure to gather highly intuitive information. I love using this with my friends when I'm pondering a particular issue, looking for insights or confirmation, or feeling ambivalent about a decision that I need to make.

This exercise will also teach you about interpreting the 'raw footage,' a skill that's as important as 'intuiting' the information itself.