Dream Chamber: Engaging the psyche to assist in new ways

In this exercise, I combine a few behavior modification principles, imagery and positive suggestions to increase your greater (conscious) participation in the (unconscious) dreamworld. Native Americans refer to our dreamworld as the true reality; our awakened state — is the dream.

Many of us are here to become "integrated souls" in this lifetime. This mean that as awakened spiritual warriors, we're:

  • Embracing more aspects of our timeless, expansive selves.
  • Beginning to remember who we are — and where we've been.
  • Becoming more conscious co-creators, learning the finer points — and the magic! — of manifestation.
  • Sharpening our focus as to where we choose to travel on our eternal journey.

Finally, we're here to incorporate more levels of our timeless, expansive consciousness. This includes learning to listen to the unconscious that speaks to us through our dreams.

The unconscious is a marvelous punster and a wise teacher. Through our dreams, it alerts us to truths about which we might unknowingly have resistance, or to issues that have yet to surface to a conscious level of awareness.

When we meet to explore "the Dream Chamber," I'll give you some fun examples of how entertaining and clever the unconscious can be. It can also serve up "precognitive dreams" that forecast the future.

Dale Graff once told me about his ability to dream-a-dream for another. While teaching remote viewing for the Stargate Commission during the cold war, he discovered how incredibly responsive his own unconscious happens to be, to personal requests made at bedtime, before going to sleep.

He conducted his own experiment, whereby he assembled a stack of magazines and placed them in an opaque envelope. He then inserted a marker into the assortment of random pages. That night, he wrote a message to his unconscious — a request for a dream that would show him the center of the page with the marker!

The next morning, he woke up with certain dream impressions that he immediately wrote down, those that indicated — a conch shell...and a pewter plate! He went to the page with the marker in the stack of magazines, and in his typically scientific fashion, folded that page to reveal the exact center.

In the center of that page he found an advertisement. It contained a picture of — a conch shell-shaped pewter plate! I ofter refer to Dale's uncanny ability, as a demonstration of the amazing features of the subconscious, and how incredibly useful it can be, when we pay attention!