Accessing The Higher Self

It's important to include short briefing about the Higher Self in the orientation for the Intuition Advancement Series. It addresses a certain level of awareness, motivation, and attitude that participants should strive for, as we move through the exercises together.

On one level, it's easy to trust that your personal thoughts are truth. It's how you see things. Some might think that they know what's best for another — or for others in general. "It's how things ought to be!"

The way we see things — our personal perspective — is unavoidably influenced by our own history and unique, individual programming. But there's a level of our being that allows us to see things more objectively, from a higher and wiser perspective.

This greater view overrides individual prejudices, judgments, or personal agendas. We all have issues that can trigger us in unexpected ways. These triggers can cause instantaneous, unconscious, reactive, or controlling responses — sometimes taking us quite by surprise!

So, how do we get to this higher vista, a way of seeing, knowing, or sensing things from a more objective, panoramic view? First, we have to be able to quiet ourselves in order to “give the chattering monkey a banana!”

Meditation teaches us to quiet ourselves and to observe those busy mind thoughts — the chattering monkey. We come to realize that we are not our thoughts. When we start to differentiate between our authentic self and our ego-self — the particular character that we're here to play in our life's script — the contrast between the two becomes increasingly more clear.

When you learn to differentiate these different levels of consciousness — and to take yourself to that place of Higher Consciousness — THIS is where you can actually connect and commune with the Higher Self of others! However, be mindful that before inviting another into this non-local, telepathic means of communication through Streaming Consciousness —you must first go there!

Once there, here’s how to initiate this level of communication that’s incredibly effective for conflict resolution, or for reaching greater understanding and tranquility with another — partners, co-workers, children, siblings, friends, and acquaintances — it works with the HS of everyone, even pets!

Children don't always have the capabilities to communicate what's going on with themselves, however, when we reach them on this level of greater telepathic communication, we’re actually able to connect with them through the thought stream and achieve some pretty remarkable results!

An apprentice of mine recently had great success her two children, who were suffering tremendous separation anxiety whenever she left the house to go to work. After the children had left for school, she invited her husband to have a few quiet moments with her. She first briefed him about the mechanics of this telepathic technique: First, they 'entrained' themselves onto that higher frequency of the Higher Self — opening their hearts to the children and accessing the feelings of love and higher intentions that they feel for them, Then they 'telepathized' to their children — to their Higher Selves — their caring sentiments, "We love you...we care about you...there is nothing to fear...when Mommy leaves, you're always in good hands...and she always comes back!"

As a result of this process, my apprentice's husband gained a whole new perspective about his children. And in the process, he actually experienced a two-way (remote) conversation with his son, and with his daughter as well. (She disclosed some underlying reasons for her own particular fears!

Both parents concluded their session by 'telepathizing' soothing and affirming words to the Higher Self of both children, conveying a greater sense of safety and security. At her next session, my client reported observing visible evidence with both children the following day, just as she was leaving the house for work. She said that its was as though they were secretly signaling her— almost like a wink — “It’s okay Mom, you go on ahead. We’ll be fine. We feel safe.”