Remote Viewing (ESP)

Years ago, I met Dale Graff, a physicist and former Director of Project STARGATE, the government program that investigated remote viewing phenomena in the 70s. We were both speakers on an 'Inner Journey Voyage' cruise ship.

I was delighted to learn that a few of my own observations, gleaned from my intuition work with apprentices in the IAP jived with a some of Dale's much more scientific, sophisticated discoveries in 'RV' — remote viewing. I decided to include this as one of the exercises in the Intuition Advancement Series.

Remote viewing is "the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target using paranormal means, in particular, extra-sensory perception (ESP) or sensing with mind." The 'sender' focuses on an image, and the 'receiver' records his/her impressions.

Quantum physics tells us that we live in 'non-local' universe. This means that particles that have been in contact with each other stay connected, even when existing at distinctly separate locations. Subtle energy science explains how everything in the universe oscillates at a particular frequency and transmits on its own signal. Our subconscious is an amazing archival system that transcends 'spacetime,' and gives us access to all the information that's floating around out there in the airwaves.

When the subconsciousness is tuned correctly, there exists a 'mutual resonance,' ie, things on the same frequency resonate together. We're always attuned, but when we adjust the frequency a bit to access the proper signal, our brain has the ability to entrain (or come into resonance) with the RV signal. (A signal isn't really 'remote,' since they exist all around us). The trick is how to increase our signal strength to access this information, and at the same time decrease the mind chatter that impedes our reception of these subtle energies. (I suggest a few ways on the 'RV' Preparation page for this exercise).

More scientific, sophisticated RV experimentation makes use of 'idograms,' spontaneous doodles derived from little hand movements that are sent from the autonomic system. Apparently, the tracing and touching these idograms by the 'receiver' stimulates certain conscious impressions and characteristics that relate to the 'target,' once the signal has been transmitted by the 'sender.'

My adapted RV exercise is a whole lot simpler and lots of fun. When you experience this exercise for yourself, you'll find it fascinating watch what your rational mind does in the 'interpretation' phase of the RV process, once it's received my transmissions through the airwaves. You'll learn some important elements involved with the mechanics of intuition itself.

BTW, it was through Dale Graff's explorations in Project Stargate that he discovered his own ability to do 'dream readings.' I'll mention more about this in the 'Dream Chamber' segment of the Intuition Advancement Series.