Have you ever experienced awakening from a dream, feeling quite certain that you've been...elsewhere? It's most likely you have! BTW, if you've awakened from one of these nocturnal "flying" adventures with a startling jolt, chances are your light body was having a rough landing upon "re-entry!"

Our "light body" travels well beyond the limitations of third-dimensional "spacetime" and physical boundaries. People often report seeing a silver chord that connects the astral body to the physical one left behind on the bed. As with all "paranormal" adventures, it's important to set the stage with specific, positive parameters and positive affirmations.

Here's my favorite astral projection story:

A television documentary detailed the astral experiences of a woman who lived in Ireland. Her light body would travel repeatedly at night to a particular house that she absolutely adored! She traveled about with a realtor, looking for the house, until they finally found it.

The woman walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. The owner open the door, look at the woman, and then cried out, "IT'S HER! IT'S THE GHOST!" Indeed, we travel about in our light body and sometimes appear as apparitions to others!

I used to attend a writer's group, where one very multi-dimensional member used to intentionally astral project to locations around the world to gather details that he incorporate into his fiction writing. More than one client has reported meeting with me on the astral plane before (or following) to their consultation.

I used to take students on astral trips in my very first metaphysics class. One evening I guided them to their homes to have them check the number of messages that were indicated on their answering machines. They were able to verify their observations when they returned home from class that evening.

In this exercise I will be using the earliest astral projection method devised by Robert Monroe from his book, He later created the Monroe Institute where extensive classes in consciousness exploration are offered. I like this method because it's simple and effective.

Join us for a fun adventure in astral projection!