Time Travel: Future Fridays

Ah yes, time travel. People are fascinated it, but mostly in terms of exploring the possibility of some sort of Sci-Fi time machine. It's really very easy to do, once you move beyond your limiting perceptions and beliefs regarding time itself. Time is simply "nature's way of keeping everything from happening all at once."

We live in a 'spacetime' three dimensions + time reality. Anything perceived outside of linear time will seem illusional — or delusional! When you visit the past or the future, your rational mind will tell you that what you sense is simply 'a figment of your imagination.' You'll think that you made it all up.

I often quote from George Bernard's play, St. Joan. It's a scene where Joan is talking to one of her soldiers about how God speaks to her. The soldier says, "Joan, don't you know that that's simply your imagination?"

"Of course," Joan replies, "that's where God gives it to me! In my imagination!"

(Think about it. Where do you think you get the stuff that you make up?)

Streaming consciousness flows well beyond the physical dimension, and beyond linear time as well. You travel to the past when you reflect upon it, and you go to the future when you contemplate different outcomes or possibilities.

Let's say that I'm talking to you right now, in person. I'm about to tell you about my experience of watching '911' from my rooftop in NYC. As I begin, I'm concurrently traveling to the past through my thoughts to retrieve the sights and sounds of those horrific moments. I'm essentially existing simultaneously in two time periods; I'm with you physically in the present, and back in time through streaming consciousness. It's just this easy to go to the future.

You'll enjoy reading A Future Friday Adventure. It's the account of an experience an apprentice and I had when we time traveled together to a future Friday afternoon, one that was to follow our Monday morning phone session. She had a scheduled meeting that Friday with her nursing students for evaluations on patients that she had yet to meet in person.

You'll have fun with this exercise. I'll be guiding you to a future existing in a moment in the following Friday, where you can hang out and look around. We might all visit each other's as a group, and then share results in the next class.

You'll be amazed, especially when that moment actually catches up with you in linear time. (BTW, that's my spin on what happens in deja vu moments, when you have the feeling that you've been there before: Your physical self has simply caught up with your non-physical, timeless self that had gone on ahead and experienced that future moment – that has now become a present one!)